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Deco Echo

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Uploaded: 28th May 2006 at 10:39 AM
Updated: 29th May 2006 at 6:25 PM - Added credit for recolours
This sumptuous Art Deco home features a double height entrance hall, front glass panel, rounded corners, penthouse-style games room with three roof terraces, seven full bathrooms, four large bedrooms, formal lounge, dining room/study, and spacious lobbies on two upper floors with plenty of wall space to display the artwork by your creative sims.

I built this lot to house the Art Deco furniture by Kate of Parsimonious that you see in the pictures. The furniture and matching curtains and rugs are not included, but you can find it at


(the “fushion” lounge set and the “decolicious” bedroom set).

If you want to dress your sims according to the theme, they also have lovely 1920’s “flapper” dresses there.

The lot is uploaded unfurnished so that you can finish it off to your own taste.

In the pictures you also see a collector’s plate by Holy Simoly


It is built on a 2 by 3 lot (small), has four floors and includes a driveway (vintage cars not included, but they are available here on Modthesims2 under Automotive, both by Wintermuteai1).


The lot costs just over 71000 simoleons.

The house includes the following custom content:

Seamless and slanted wall window set by Numenor:

Glass block wall set by Moon_Ez:

Sound of Music White Gazeebo (recolours of Wallwindow set) by Moon_Ez

Wrought Iron Gate 3 with single door (recolours of Wallwindow set) by Moon_Ez

Grateful thanks to these two creators for adding so much to my game.

The house includes some walls and floors by me.

The house was playtested, cleaned with the Clean Installer, and then tested again to make sure nothing essential had been deleted (which would make the curved walls disappear).