Cliffe Cottage $64,518

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2006 at 1:02 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 10:26 PM
Hello all.
This is Cliffe Cottage, my current home! As close as I could get it anyway.


Lot Name: Cliffe Cottage (I think you know that by now though)
Lot Size: 3x4 on neighbourhood view, 30x50 on lot view
Price: $64,518 (How am I supposed to type a simolean symbol?)
State: Unfurnished (Apart from the kitchen)
Custom Content: "Edge Smoother Black" and "Edge Smoother Gray" by Ailias found here>
3 wallpapers by me (Menaceman44) found here>

This building comes fully wallpapered and carpeted with lighting fixtures and almost fully fitted kitchen.
The ground floor consists of; living room, dining room, kitchen and (rather) small entrance room.
The first floor consists of; two large bedrooms, a small study/third bedroom and a bathroom.
Outside; rather large garden area complete with decking and small summerhouse/shed. I have moved the trash can off of the street and put it next to the door as this is how it is here at Cliffe Cottage.

I have used Clean Installer to check this property for any unwanted extras and have cleared everything except for the edge smoothers and my wallpapers as they are intended to be on the lot.

I believe the lot will need all expansions to be complete as I have them all installed and have used items from OfB and NL. I cannot remember if I have used Uni content. NO stuff packs are required.

I think that's everything covered.

I hope that you enjoy playing this lot and that your simmies enjoy living in it too.

One last thing; DO NOT UPLOAD TO THE EXCHANGE! IF I WANT IT THERE I WILL UPLOAD IT MYSELF. I don't want to see this lot on any paysite either.