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Dark Luxury Professional Bar

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2014 at 11:58 PM
Are you tired of only having the same two professional bars to choose from when building community lots? Yes? Then this new Pro bar may come in use.

This professional bar is based on the regular juice bar that came with Supernatural.
Supernatural is NOT required but you must have Late Night installed.

There are four available channels to recolour.

The bar comes in the same three default presets as the original juice bar it is based on. These can be seen in the attached images.
The bar costs 1,500 simoleans and can be found under;
Entertainment > Parties
Surfaces > Misc.
Dining Room > Bars

Built with game version 1.57 and functions fine up to 1.63.5. Should work on previous patch levels provided LN is installed although this has not been confirmed.

Polygon Counts:
High Detail = 1836
Low Detail = 826

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,