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300: Leonidas & Gorgo

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2007 at 1:06 PM
Updated: 18th May 2009 at 2:38 AM
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After many many months, I finally bring you King Leonidas and his beautiful and feisty Queen Gorgo from Frank Miller's masterpiece 300 as portrayed by Gerard Butler and Lena Heady. If you haven't seen it yet, finished downloading these sims (because you know you want to), hit the thank button (cus that always makes me smile real big), and go watch it RIGHT NOW.

I attempted to do my best at capturing them both in and out of character for those of you who may just want them as Gerard and Lena but that is difficult because both actors look very different outside of their rolls in this move, so when it came down to picking on look...their movie role obviously won out. I'd really have loved to have found you all some lovely hair that looked just like Gorgo's but alas, non exists, I looked everywhere and this Maxis one worked best. (but that complies nicely with MTS2's new rule ^^)

Both of these simmies have gone though many many face lifts, and I hope very much that you'll enjoy them. I've been mulling over making Dilios and Theron but I think I'll leave that decision up to all of you. If you guys like these let me know with the thanks button or comments and if it looks like you guys like them then I'll go ahead and give the other two yummy boys a try


to get them to look like the pictures you need to do a few things because Clean Installer does not like me and things had to be packaged seperately.

-go into clothing and find Leonida's body using beosboxboy's mesh. I do strongly suggest you put it back on him, because the buffer than buff Spartan king does look rather silly with regular sim sized muscles.

-he comes packaged with the roman/greek-ish hair from Season's but I strongly suggest you download HP's fantastic "New Roman" hair because it does look A LOT better longer.

that should be it for dear old Leo, but if his cape or boots aren't showing up those are both found in accessories/glasses.


-Our beautiful queeny pretty much comes as is except for her hair. I've gone and darkened it up a big (for all ages) and being a brunette myself I made it more of a true brown, not red-ish like maxis likes to give us. The clippy thingy in the back also has a little gold tint to it to give it an older feel. The hair is not binned (sorry sorry) so you'll go under custom if you want to put her in that.

Custom Content by Me:
- Leonidas
- boot recolor
- cape recolor
- dark circles
- nose
- eye bags
- beard recolor
- Gorgo
- beauty mark
- dess recolor

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows by @Stefan
- JoanneDyer by JoanneDyer
- oepu.de skin march 07 - color 3 - barbie by oepu
- JoanneDyer by JoanneDyer
- helaene - 722 brow - medium brown by helaene
- Keira - 'Black Pearl' / [email protected] by bruno
- makeup by Barcelonista
- helaene - 0201 shadow - 2 by helaene
- helaene - soft blush - 5 by Helaene
- oepu.de skin march 07 - color 3 - barbie by oepu

Additional Credits:
Marie_fay for being the constant sweetheart she is, for helping me whenever I need it and for always pushing me to just suck it up when it comes to clothes ^^

Beosboxboy for giving Leonidas his rockin' bod

HystericalParoxysm not only for the perfect hair, but also the fantastic taking better pictures package thingy.

Simsbaby for providing Leonidas with the best beard mesh I could hope for

Bruno, my idol, for the amazing makeup

Generalzoi for allowing me to do a happy dance when I found exactly what I was looking for with the "warrior boots"

JoanneDyer for the eyes I still can't get enough of

Oepu for her truly beautiful skins

Helaene & @Stefan for some seriously kick butt eyebrows

Helaene (again cus she just rocks that much) & Barcelonista for their beautiful makeup

and lastly but certainly not least Nienna1969 for requesting these two, they've taken forever but they've been a lot of fun!