Manor House Collection: Gourmet Kitchen Pt. II

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2009 at 2:16 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2009 at 2:13 PM
The second part of the MH Gourmet Kitchen set features all the kitchen's accessories, including lighting and lots of clutter.

Click here for Pt. I of the Manor House Gourmet Kitchen

Most of the items in this set are purely for decoration, but are absolutely necessary to create a complete Gourmet Kitchen fit for a manor.

Set Contents:

-wall potrack (slave to the MH Kitchen Potrack and MH Kitchen stove)
-service dumbwaiter
-pendant light (+ 4 recolors: dark gold, nickel, galvanized metal, holophane glass)
-pulley style pendant light (slave to the standard pulley light)
-7 sets of dish clutter (slaves to the MH Kitchen Short cupboard; + 7 recolors: black, black and white, red, cafe, gold band, silver band, matte white)
-pots and pans clutter: copper kettle, frying pan, rondeau, stock pot (except for the kettle, all pots and pans clutter are slaves to the MH Kitchen Potrack)

Object Notes:

-The wall potrack requires both the stove and potrack from part one of the MH Kitchen set.

-Dishes clutter requires the short kitchen cupboard from the MH Kitchen set.

-Dishes recolors will also recolor cabinet dishes.

-All pots and pans clutter minus the copper kettle are slaves to the MH Kitchen potrack.

-The service dumbwaiter is NOT-functional. It is actually a window and can be found in the window catalog. To place objects in the dumbwaiter, place an invisible endtable or table-height OSMP on the "car" side of the dumbwaiter. The car side takes it's lighting from whatever room it sticks out into, so it's best to not the completely enclose it in walls or else the inside will appear completely dark.

Terms and Conditions

You may recolor this set, but you canNOT clone it, hack it or alter the package files in any way!
You may also include it in houses and lots, but NOT if you are uploading to the exchange.

If you recolor this, don't host these mesh files anywhere else. Please link back so that downloaders can get the actual meshes here.
Please give full credit and a link back if recoloring or adding to a lot.

The collection file can be found in the MH Kitchen pt. I thread. It is the collection file for the entire MH Kitchen set, not just part I.

Polygon Counts:
service dumbwaiter - 453
wall potrack - 1316
pendant light - 1428
pulley pendant light - 2216
tea set dishes clutter - 1366
bowls dishes clutter (short stack) - 554
bowls dishes clutter (tall stack) - 806
teacup stack dishes clutter - 782
plates stack dishes clutter - 1010
plates and bowls dishes clutter - 1610
teacups and saucers dishes clutter - 446
copper kettle - 748
stock pot- 456
frying pan - 202
rondeau - 456

Additional Credits:
SimPE, CEP, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max.