Creeping Ivy

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2009 at 9:32 PM
Here's some decoration for your gardens.

In the area where I live, it's literally everywhere and I love it, it's green all year round, so I decided to make some for the Sims.

There are 4 sizes, in 4 separate files, each with a custom thumbnail. They are in Decorative/Plants and cost 10ยง. You can vary the sizes for a random pattern, and place them over each other for a more dense look. They will line up nice along walls and most fences, for thick fences you may need to place them holding the Alt key. They have no shadow, sorry.

There is one issue that I can't fix, it is very difficult to grab them once placed. Turn the camera so that it's facing the front of the object at ground level, and move the cursor around the bottom leaves until you find the spot to grab.

Polygon Counts:
Ivy 01: 250 faces, 500 vertices
Ivy 02: 438 faces, 876 vetices
Ivy 03: 654 faces, 1308 vertices
Ivy 04: 862 faces, 1724 vertices

Additional Credits:
S3OC, S3PE, ObjTool and plugins.