Bonsai Set [Updated for WA]

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2009 at 8:20 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2009 at 6:57 PM - update
EDIT 28/11/2009.
These objects became broken with the patch 1.6.6 and the expansion and caused the "blue lot syndrome". I have fixed them now so if you still want to use them with World Adventures, please re-download.

Hi peeps, it's me again... with more plants...
Amjoie pointed out that there is a serious shortage of bonsai plants in the Sims 3. She also provided me with raw material
So I made these four pots, two of them are actual indoor bonsais from the Sims 2, the other two are outdoor plants that I shrank to a tabletop size (they're also from the Sims 2). The leftmost one in the pics looks a bit weird floaty because I had to reduce the polygons that I thought were too many. I didn't reduce the others, maybe I should have.. The "Potted Dragon" got a new texture because the original was way too small. So here they are, in customizable planters, ready for your asian decorating needs.
Plants category, each cost 90ยง.

Polygon Counts:
Bonsai Bon Voyage: 948 faces, 953 vertices
Bonsai white flower: 1218 faces, 1001 vertices
Bonsai Potted Dragon: 1752 faces, 1399 vertices
Bonsai cypress: 2834 faces, 1496 vertices

Additional Credits:
The Object Tool, S3OC, S3PE, SimPE, The Sims 2.
Thanks to Amjoie for the files!