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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2009 at 7:17 PM
Updated: 13th Feb 2013 at 11:50 AM
Hey Guys !
I 've been meaning to upload this sim for some time now and I realized I have not uploaded a male in while, so I'm excited to present to you, GABRIEL:

Gabe is the definition of tall ,dark, and handsome in my book He is my attempt on making a real rugged, manly man intead the "pretty boys" I usually make, and I must say I'm very pleased with the result.

Name:Gabriel Antonio O'Hara A.K.A "The Ice Man "
Height:6' 1"
Weight: 198
Age: Adult, 31
Profession: FBI Special Agent assigned to the elite Division of Unsolved Mysteries
Specialty: Stalkers and Domestic Violence
Strength: Never ever loses his cool.
Weakness: A woman in distress who insists on taking care of herself.
Secret: Gabe chose law enforcement after his mother was stalked and killed by her ex-husband when he was a young teen. He had watched, hurt and helpless, as she was strangled, knowing if he'd been bigger, stronger, more courageous, he might have saved her. That night his heart was encased in ice and his destiny was forged
Traits: Athletic ,Brave, Family Orientated,Loner,Perfectionist

Baseball shirts for Males by aikea Guniea ( for gymwear)
High Sneakers by Sims2time (for gymwear)
Business on the Top from the EA store

Optional But Reccomended
SAMMMM by nanashihitoGive your men some curve! very essential if you want his body as hot as it is in the photos
Default Slimmed T-Shirt mesh Adult Males by Aikea Guniea For even more curve and all shirts fit all the more better!

Custom Content Included:
-For some odd reason, I couldn't find his hair on the site anymore, So I included it in the download. Thanks Cazy for the awesome hair! by Cazy X

Additional Credits:
I want to thank my friends HystericalParoxysm,Jessica 2020, SnowWhiteCharming,lewjen,Nyn,Simmiller,jasmuni.Supertoast,
Whitewaterwood, Kopple 36,Anubuis 360, MSB,Rapsheba55, gotha in thedark1,Arisuka,traeila,slipslop, Esmerald F and nene1234 for helping me with the finishing touches.

To Vera Marina- Surprise! When I was creating him,I actually thought to myself, he is so Vera Marina 's type of guy! Oh yea, I know what you like

And lastly, thank-you to the harliquin romance novel Gabe was inspired from.