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A Brush with Destiny: The Colorful Life of Amélie

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2024 at 4:20 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2024 at 2:51 PM
After years of absence, I'm back and I've created a new Sim. I dedicated two months to carefully creating and refining her every detail. And I'm tired of staring at her lol Though I am a perfectionist creator and continuously find new things to experiment with, I am satisfied with her current version. Every new upload I challenge myself to improve. I enjoyed and embraced stepping out of my comfort zone and acquiring new skills in lighting, staging scenes, building, and photography. My goal was to design her to be highly compatible and adaptable to various play styles. I hope you enjoy her

Amélie's free-spirited childhood in the idyllic French countryside fostered a vibrant imagination and passion for adventure. She lost her parents tragically young, becoming the sole caretaker for her grandfather and dog. Her parent's spirited encouragement to follow her dreams regardless of expectations has always stuck with her. Amélie now splits her time between working at a bookstore, painting commissions, writing her first romance novel, and volunteering at the children's hospital - finding great meaning and joy in helping others. Though she grapples with grief, Emily embraces life's quirks and possibilities with an irrepressible optimism and quest for laughter – even when it bewilders those around her initially. She's determined to live fully, honour her parent’s memory, and nurture her talents - whether or not her curmudgeonly grandfather approves.

Traits: Good | artististic | Excitable | hopeless romantic | Ambitious
Suggested traits: childish, good sense of humour, friendly, neat, flirty, over-emotional, daredevil, lucky, workaholic, bookworm, genius, loves the outdoors, insane, animal lover[Pets], rebellious [Generations], Avant-Garde [University]

Lifetime Wish & Career: Illustrious author Lifetime wish| Part-time bookstore clerk | artist
Suggested Career: Elementary School Teacher in education career [Ambitions], Professional Author [Ambitions]

Favourites & Sign: Indie music | red | pancake and crepes (suggested World Adventures) | Pisces

To manually select the non-default skin tone in Create A Sim, go to the skin tone panel. The recommended non-default skin in the photos is adjusted on the tone ramp, but it's optional. You can use other skins of your choice and keep makeup on her while adjusting the tone ramp to blend. The makeup masks for nose, lips, and eyes provide versatility for any skin while keeping her texture details relatively the same. The eye mask is mainly for the tear ducts so that is optional as well. Her features mostly rely on sliders, so she can look good with different skins and makeup.

Note about Sliders: She is face slider heavy. You might need a mod to increase the number of sliders the game can use, such as MasterController
Any Sliders in the CC list tab with a" *" is completely optional because it was slightly used and the difference is not that noticeable. These sliders are Johna’s head size slider, Wojek 's chin-to-neck slider, and AWT's jaw rotate slider.

A note about CC compatability with aWt’s Eye mesh

Facial Scuplt Details & Genetics

Clothing & Accessories
If not mentioned in CC, most Accessories and shoes are included in the base game and don't require separate downloads. Clothes are optional, but I customized everything using base game patterns in CAST. Textures were carefully chosen to look realistic in various lighting conditions. Attention was paid to small details, such as accessories and straps. Colors were selected to enhance the character's complexion. If her clothes aren't downloaded, the game will replace them with less stylish alternatives.

Mods Not needed but totally recommended to assist you

Photo Notes: What You See is What You Get In-Game
These in-game photos were only cropped, collaged, and watermarked. No graphic or shader mods(G-shade, Reshade, etc) were used. The sunflower and beach photos were taken at sunset and sunrise using the Blue Skies & Sunshine Lighting Mod by BrntWaffles, which doesn't affect game performance. The Sim and Texture details were set to very high. Apologies for any jagged outlines, blurry textures, and clipping due to using an old low-end laptop with an Intel graphics card.

For Additional photo credits, like If you need to know how I achieved an effect in-game or any other props, just ask me in the comments or dm me.

My Terms of Use:
  • Don’t re-upload without permission.
  • If edited, used as a base,or any children produced from this sim, just simply give credit and link back here.
  • Please, do not claim as your own.

Additional Credits:
A special thanks to my boyfriend Jullian, SimmyRN in CFF,BoomItsLoki,Stratford8,nuita_,c0_nduit, fuzzylogicdishwasher, TheNickleCity, KalistaVeneGeance, Curious_Cat_22, chemical_am3ba, After_Pie8326, _keniz, Mean-Put-9097, SecretLow2733, boilyourdentist, and the many others who took the time to contributed to her name, bio, traits, and backstory.

There is a movie called Amélie 2001 where the main character is called Amélie, I have not seen it yet so any resemblance to her appearance or character is a coincidence. I've been told Billy Ellish, Scarlet Johanson, and some people's self-sims. can you see any more resemblances or similarities?