Crypt Of The Vampire

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2010 at 5:15 PM
Updated: 14th Apr 2011 at 12:50 PM
When dawn approaches ...the vampire returns home

-Vampire Coffin / Vampire Coffin With Cross:
Price: 500
Channels: No recolors
Comfort- Beds

The coffins are based in the "Blessed Sarcophagus Of The Kings", basic object without channels, and require Expansion Pack "World Adventures", the rest of the items require only the base game.

-Vampire Canopy:
Price: 200
Channels: 3
Decor - Window Decor

-Vampire End Table:
Price: 100
Channels: 2
surfaces - End Tables

-Vampire Coffin Coffee Table:
Price: 150
Channels: 2
Surfaces - Coffee Tables

-Vampire Chair:
Price: 200
Channels: 2
Comfort - Dining Chairs

-Vampire Lighting Floor Candles:
Price: 125
Channels: 3
Lighting - Floor Lamps

-Vampire Double Door:
Price: 300
Channels: 4
Build Mode - Door

-Vampire Wall:
Price: 6
Channels: 3
Build Mode - Wall Pattern - Paints

UPDATE: Fixed wall masks, added new .rar in download section (Game Version: 1.19/2.14/6.2.4)

Sim (not included):
Hair by PeggyZone
Skintone by Subaxi
Shirt by One Billion Pixels
Pants and Boots by Club Crimsyn

Polygon Counts:

-Vampire Coffin / Vampire Coffin With Cross: Faces - 335 (per coffin)
-Vampire Canopy: Faces - 1332
-Vampire End Table: Faces - 802
-Vampire Coffin Coffee Table: Faces - 120
-Vampire Chair: Faces - 730
-Vampire Lighting Floor Candles: Faces - 902
-Vampire Double Door: Faces - 1748