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Stuff from the 50's

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2011 at 3:55 PM
Updated: 26th May 2012 at 12:32 AM
Updated for Pets and patch

The files are updated for Pets and the patch and tested in game.
The new files will overwrite the old files.

I work with several objects from the 50's, whose design I like very much.
Here I present now four objects, but several sets in later.
This set includes an easy chairs, a coffee table, a locker and my grandmother's floor lamp.

are not so much to say about. It has three color channels, the third is the small buttons that hold it.
This easy chairs can also be used for official waiting room, etc.

The table
was made usually of teak. There are many slots, so it is possible to deploy a variety of things and make it homey.
You can also put things on the shelf below the top. The table has two color channels. You can color the legs separately, but it was probably not so common.

Storage cabinet
was also very typical of the times. It has 21 slots on the top.
The cabinet has three color channels, frames, doors and drawer fronts and handles and legs.

Grandma's floor lamp. This, I have worked a lot on to get the right illumination. Usually though, I think that EA's Lamps
are far too strong. This has only 1 / 6 of EA's intensity and I think it is good.
The lamp has three color channels.

Armchairs costing $ 125
The table cost $ 125
Storage cabinet costs $ 145
Floor lamp costs $ 225

Everything you can see on the pictures are EA's or my own creations. Some of these will eventually be uploaded in the future.

Polygon Counts:
Armchairs has 831 vertices and 704 faces
The table has 566 vertices and 422 faces
Storage cabinet has 997 vertices and 684 faces
Grandma's floor lamp has 1560 vertices and 1812 faces