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Buy Set - DIY

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2012 at 2:41 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2012 at 1:30 PM
"It was suppose to be a simple, small set." - Certain Finn
"EA makes some objects modular - I take word modular to whole new dimensions. " - Certain Finn again
"It looks quite cool, but I'll still prefer Skylanders." - Certain Finn's kid

Buy Set - DIY

I did it again, a simple small plan for a set turned into something huge. This is my Buy Set (part one I hope) and I have made it so that you could have more choices on decorating your simmies homes.

The idea was simple - a modular kitchen with some pieces that would go together and be rearrangeable - but you know me, can I keep it small and simple, no. ^^

This set has counters, doors, drawers, cupboards and cabinets, and some various bits, for you to create unique and interesting rooms. All of the pieces are made to go together, so you'll have "endless" choices. Please read the post carefully, I'll try to explain what this is all about.

The counter, cupboards and cabinets are "host" objects, with slots for the rest of the pieces. So when you compile the item the way you want it to look, you can then move it around freely - all objects placed on the host will stay put. There are slots in the front corners for doors and drawers, and then there are slots in the middle for shelving, dividers, and clutter. The framed doors and drawers also have slots for the glasses/planes, and for handles of course.


This is a big set, that consist of 119 object files + one master texture file, making the total number of files in the set 120! Most of the objects are repo-linked to the master texture file armiel_DIY_Buy Set_Textures.package, to keep the file sizes small.

Two of the files are sims3packs and have their own textures within their files, they are the DIY Counter Top and the DIY Counter Island. The objects are made as sims3packs due to how making them as package files in TSRW breaks the textures in the corner pieces and any pieces placed after those. Thank you to the mods who allowed me to upload them as sims3packs, as while I can make objects, making modulars in S3OC/S3PE combo is too much for my head.

Below are the detailed informations about object names, prices, recolourable channels, polycounts, number of slots, number of presets, and catalog location. A word of warning! It's a big list.


Here are the instructions on what to download, how to install, and most importantly, how to use the set!

What to download?
I have tried to make this as easy as it's possible for you. All of the files come in one rar, thanks to the repository method which allows us to keep filesizes small.

Contents of the file:
armiel Buy Set - DIY -folder containing subfolders for object types, and the texture file.
The two sims3packs

How to install?
Download the file
Extract the sims3packs to Downloads-folder and install them via the Launcher (If you don't know how, read here)
Extract the folder containing the package-files to Packages-folder (If you don't know how, read here)

Note about the sims3packs: As explained above, I made those two items sims3packs on purpose. You can try extracting them to packages if you feel you don't want to install/use sims3packs, BUT - making them package-files may (and most likely will) break the corners and cause the textures to act oddly. Using CC Magic by grathes causes the same issue, as it fiddles the sims3packs. You can use it, but prepare yourself for some ugly corners and islands (You can cast them back to normal)

Note about the texture file:Do not in any circumstances delete the texture file (unless you want to get rid of whole set of course). If you delete it, you can't CAST the objects, at all. Are warned.

Note about the rest of the files:You can safely delete any file you do not wish to use from the folder.

How to use?
I have both written instructions, and a video, for you. It's a bit long, and has a staggering Finn blabbing on it, but it should still show you how you can use the set. See the video here: LINKY
If you prefer written instructions, click the button below.

You can see the closeup pictures of the objects, and read a bit more of the various uses, in comments.


Once again I have a huge list of people and programs I am thankful to - without them this set would not exist! So, not in any special order...

Thank you to
My kid, Leefish (Leesester), Inge, Jaguwar, Heaven, Missroxor, PharaohHound, Whiterider, HystericalParoxysm, #create and #supersekritchannel in general, the developers of the tools

Tools that made this possible
Dashboard, Photoshop, Paint.Net, TSRW, S3PE/S3OC, TT3, Milkshape 3D, UVMapper, Lithunwrap

You may include the sims3packs to lots you upload to THIS site. Do not include my files to any lot you upload to other site, especially the Exchange and TSR.

Final thoughts
Please enjoy this set, and have fun exploring its possibilities. I did hours and hours of testing, and could not run to a boring moment where I would have used all the options the set has. I have attached few pics below, they are just few choices of what you can do with the set.

/me shuffles off to plan part 2.
Please do not ask what and when - You'll see if and when it's up.