Maxis Televisions as Decorative Objects

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Uploaded 7th Jul 2011 at 7:16 PM · Updated 9th Jul 2011 at 1:53 PM by VioletPadfoot

Tired of your Sims ALWAYS watching that movie about the chicken? Tired of turning you back just for a second only find they've gone straight for the boob tube? But you still want to impress their friends with the sight of a TV? The answer is here: Decorative TVs.

I uploaded my Decorative Computers and anobouzu left me a comment asking if it was in any way possible for me to do the TVs as well. Obviously it was (and gave me something to do during the recent downtime). Every last Maxis TV is now a Decorative Object.

Like the computers the TVs pull all recolors from the original TVs and there are some screen shots below to illustrate this.

All of the objects can be placed in a base game environment without the game crashing so in that respect they are base game compatible. HOWEVER they will have no textures as they pull their textures from the original TVs. For that reason, I've provided rars for each expansion/stuff pack as well as one that includes all the TVs in one file

Also look for my Decorative Stereos!

The Expedit TV from IKEAStuff: is not pulling recolors correctly. I don't know how to fix this. The Design tool shows where the recolors for the red boxes should be but it won't let the recolors be used. They still show up red. Look at this picture to see that I mean

The GiganTek TV from ApartmentLife: has footprint issues. I tried to seek help for this issue and so far nothing has helped. If it ever gets fixed I will upload the properly working file. The issue is this: I changed the footprint from one tile to three and made it so that sims and other objects can't pass through it. But somehow walls can. I am not experienced enough in modding object behavior to figure out why this is happening or how to fix it.

anobouzu for the request
The makers of SimPE Echo for the tutorial on fixing the footprint and the help on trying to figure out why walls go through it.
Numenor for the AGS

Polygon Counts:
All Meshes are unedited from the original Mesh, so if the PolyCounts seem high, blame Maxis.
Centerpiece TV: 2819 F/ 3779 V
Expedit TV: 2528 F/ 3410 V
FuturVu TV: 1532 F/ 1600 V
GiganTek TV: 361 F/ 522 V
Hotel TV: 1490 F/ 1789 V
Smitty TV: 2848 F/ 3666 V
Soma TV: 1788 F/ 2637 V
Soma WallEye TV: 486 F/ 812 V
Swingarm TV: 1156 F/ 1543 V
Teen TV: 1484 F/ 2136 V
Trottco TV: 1092 F/ 1520 V
WoodPanel TV: 950 F/ 1343 V