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Generations Home Video Camera Fix

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Uploaded: 12th Feb 2012 at 6:02 PM

Home Video Camera Speed
"Changes the speed of the home video from Generations to a slower, more efficient speed..."


Required: Generations Expansion Pack

What changes were made?

1.) Locomotion Speed

The locomotion speed relates to the arrow (and wasd) keys used to advance the camera forwards or backwards as the sim walks with the camera. By default, the camera moves very fast and jerky, making recording an utter pain. This mod slows the camera speed down to the same speed as the Base Game tab camera.

Original MoveSpeed was 3.0 and changed to 1.0

2.) Pan Speed

The pan speed relates to the mouse used to move the camera left or right, up or down. This mod slows down how quickly the camera will pan a scene.

Original LerpDuration value was 3.0 and changed to 4.0

Possible Conflicts

This mod may or may not conflict with any mod that alters the HomeVideoCamera INI found in the Base Game folder.