Lip Fatness Slider

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2011 at 6:02 PM
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The Lip Fatness Slider

"A slider that will plump your Sim's lips up..."

This slider is for Young Adult Males and Females. I plan to extend this for other age groups when I have the time.

Lip Fatness: Geom-Based; Makes Lips Fuller Without Changing Shape. Found under Mouth Panel as Lip Fatness.


Frontal View:(Before and After; 0% to 100% Blending; See Side Profile Attachment)

I (like many people I imagine) find fuller, thicker lips to be very attractive. But on Sims whose lips are shapely and more defined, this is difficult to achieve. The two extremes (fat lips + defined lips) are rather difficult to harmonize in the Sims. So it's important that this slider's sole purpose be to make the lips thicker, it does not change the shape of the lips (as is the case with EA's default mouth definition slider). I also made sure not to change the texture coordinates, so that the appearance of lipstick/lip-gloss doesn't look different or create the weird "open mouth" effect that would otherwise result with certain lip textures. Also keep in mind, that the thicker the lips are, the further you may want to slightly lower them from the nose.

Example of Ideal Usage(Exhibit A; 47% Intensity. Lip skin texture does not distort. Lip shape is maintained)

When you move the slider to 100% intensity, which can be quite juicy depending on your sim, it is possible there will be some clipping on the chin. Obviously, I recommend you not do this lol Personally, I think it looks best from around 40-70% on my Sims, so of course use
good judgement when trying to find the "sweet spot" on your Sims so they don't look like silicon addicts ^^;

Example of Bad Usage(Exhibit B; Henry's Lips, 100% Intensity. Lips look weird. Doesn't compliment features.)

As you can see, some Sims definitely look better with thinner lips. From an anatomy perspective, his lips are a bit too close to his chin, and his long skinny nose does not compliment fuller lips very well at all. Plus his lips look somehow crunchy lmao Hot mess! I dunno, just trying to give you an idea of what I did NOT have in mind when making this slider, but it's yours now, do as you please...

Slider Limitation Issue
Getting this slider to work might require a mod if you already have custom sliders installed! By default, the game allows only twenty sliders in commission at a given time, but, should you install either of the following mods you can have an unlimited amount:
Additional Credits:
1.) Delphy for his Small Editors
2.) CmarNYC for her Morphmaker
3.) Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
4.) Wes Howe for his Q-Mesh Tool

Hope I didn't forget someone This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't lol