Forehead Crease Slider (YAM)

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2013 at 6:31 AM

Forehead Crease Slider
"Creates an indentation along the forehead which accentuates the brow ridge without increasing its size."

Do NOT use the slider at 100% intensity. As with most sliders, the maximum range
is overly extreme to provide you with more variety when blending the slider.
This slider seems to look its best in the 40-70% range.

Still too lazy to re-make this for other ages/sexes, so this slider is for Young Adult Males. This slider replicates a common forehead
shape for a lot of men, and what with having a strange desire to constantly fine-tune my sims' faces, I have created yet another slider...

Forehead Crease: Geom-Based; Changes the Forehead. Found under Global Panel as Forehead Crease.


Example of Ideal Usage (Subtle Fine-tuning) (Exhibit A; Tae's forehead; 50% intensity; nraas slider value 99.)

As you can see, this mod creates a more flat and hollow indentation along the forehead. Nothing fancy, but I felt I needed it, so there you go lol I wanted to pull down
some forehead vertexes, but I immediately remembered that it would screw up face masks and have them looking crazy, so yeah, just the shape for now...

Example of Ideal Usage (More Extreme Changes) (Exhibit B; Jong's forehead; 70% intensity; nraas slider value 149.)

Slider Limitation Issue
Getting this slider to work might require a mod if you already have custom sliders installed!
By default, the game allows only twenty sliders in commission at a given time, but, should you
install either of the following mods you can have an unlimited amount:
Additional Credits:
1.) Delphy for his Small Editors
2.) CmarNYC for her Morphmaker
3.) Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE
4.) Wes Howe for his Q-Mesh Tool

Hope I didn't forget someone This mod wouldn't exist if they didn't lol