St. Patience 1st Primary School

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2015 at 6:41 PM
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Status: beta, testers needed

It's the first building of set - fully functional standard rabbithole building (if used with rugs or doors) useable both as rabbithole and story-wise functions.
(set will contain: police station/post, town hall, restaurant, office building (journalism/bussiness career), bookstore, grocery, movie theatre, small hospital/veterinary clinic)

As each element of set this particular building is created about these rules:
1. size must be similar to standard rabbithole object or smaller;
2. minimal and contextual only CC;
3. plain and basic, easy blendable in any (or at last most) neighbourhoods with as little effort as possible;
4. correct reserved space for cluttered crowd of sims, carefuly tested around routing issues;
5. preferrably: basegame compatible*

Building shell was constructed with basegame resources only!

Floorplans explanation:
ground (1st) level:

1. Gym
2. Changerooms and showers (girls/boys separated)
3. Main hall (default rabbithole rug placement spot)
4. Internal hall
5. Boss room
6. Secretary/Administration
7. Personnel's restrooms
8. Personnel's room/Teachers' room
9. Main entrance
A. Back doors - to playground e.g.
B. Gym back doors - to stadium, excercise field e.g.
C. Gym restrooms

1st floor (2nd level):

1. Recreation area
2. Humanities class (12 students' + teacher)
3. Science (math/biology/chemistry) class (8 students' + teacher)
4. Students' restrooms
5. Library/computers' class (6 students' + teacher)
6. Main corridor

(more images avaible there .

Facility is very simple in design and there's only rudimental decorations outside the building: a few benches, some decoratives from buydebug mode and simple decorative "garden" next to the front-doors. Terrain painting is also scetchy. This is deliberated!.

Because of this, building with minimal changes and decor additions shall blend easily in almost each neighborhood - except these extra modern/future, or very specific in theme (jungle, tropical, etc.). With simple changing a color or/and pattern of walls and/or changing a roof, building may be in almost any style as you wish. I didn't use any advanced building technique because it might cause problems with rebuilding/refitting a lot.

Because it's similar in size to school standard rabbithole object it should fit almost any lot size and shape.

Also decor is created carefully to keep suggested theme and it's absolute minimal. You can clutter every desk, and every piece of floor as you wish but you don't need to spent hours on cleaning a lot from lagging or simple unnecesary objects. I'd prefer only suggest which part of building was designed for than force you to use it as I designed, or to complete rebuild. From the same reason lightning is based on buydebug daylights except decorative lamps on desks and next to the doors. Less polygons to display, less trouble.

Except a few bottleneck areas - obviously: stairs, because there are always problems, single doors to classrooms and tiny checkpoint area on ground level (I'd suggest to remove a computer and simple lock the doors for normal, non-storytelling use) lot is "crowd friendly". Restrooms are natural problem-makers but there's a plenty of them. Access to preferred rug placement area on ground level (main lobby/hall - 3 on 1st. picture) is provided by 4 single doors on the building front and 2 single doors from the back. During normal game (3 game days test) there wasn't any stuck sim report regarding this specific lot.

It was designed to making school-based stories or episodes, focused on elementary/primary school level, while maintaining normal rabbithole functionality. There's no facility or objects valid for younger children (toddlers does not go to school) nor teens, however it could work as a highschool too with minimal effort and redecoration.

It was tested with 20 sims at once (corridor crowd) and maximal class capacity (12 student's + 1 teacher) to ensure there won't be pathfinding problems. At last - more than game produce by itself.

Custom content used - (not included):
only decoratives, strongly recommended if building shall be not only a shell but not required, construction is cc free

from Around The Sims:

Links leads to sets' respective pages, there's no individual pages for these items on ATS and direct download links violates ATS TOU.

elements of School set
used within lot:
benches, chairs, blackboard, ring binders, notebooks, skeleton, map, schoolbag, schoolbook

elements of sports set
used within lot:
barbell, gym ladder, Vaulting Horse, Beam

from Jennisims:
There's no possibility to aquire particular items directly from Jennisims, you can download only whole set or nothing, however you don't need to install the whole set, of course.
elements of School set:
used within lot:
posters, blackboard (math),

individual items:
elements of changing room by cyclonesue from TSR:
stackable lockers (open/locked):

(link to whole set: )


medical poster by metisqueen from TSR:

bacless/simple shower by Huge Lunatic there on MTS:

deeiutza modern office files from TSR:

sim_man123 Manilla Folders from TSR:

For rabbithole functionality obviously rabbithole rugs or doors are needed:
by Raven Shadow there on MTS:

Lot Size: 20x35
Lot Price (furnished): 120587
Lot Price (unfurnished): 68202

Additional Credits:
QBUILDERZ for Bigger Builder Island:
heaven for Collection Icons and Files: (you've saved my life!)
velocitygrass for Add Any Lot Size:
loki61089 for kicking my lower-back to actually do something from this particular topic:
Klaartje for clarification obvious things, obviously not obvious for all