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Ferus - Primitive Marking Set

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Uploaded: 14th May 2012 at 4:13 PM
Once again I am trying to fill in the missing pieces that EA left out of horse markings, this time I bring you a set of regional markings for designing dun and buckskin horses.

The set features 5 unique regional markings. These regions are enabled for horses only, and they all feature 1 recolourable channel except for the leg bars, which has 4 recolourable channels.

Terms of use
You may:
  • Use these markings in your pictures and stories. A small link and credit would be greatly appreciated, but is not required
  • Upload pets created with these markings to free sites only, with link to this page and a credit

You may not:
  • Steal by claiming as your own, reuploading them anywhere, or by filesharing
  • Clone or modify these markings in any way
  • Package these markings with pet uploads. For pet uploads, please link to this page.

Want to make your own markings?
Head over to my Custom Pet Markings Tutorial.

Created with:
  • s3pe
  • s3oc
  • Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5