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The Embodiment of Evil: Taahe Eylee'N & Nootok Eylee'N (No CC)

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Uploaded: 12th May 2013 at 6:47 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2014 at 6:14 PM - thumb pictures enlarged to fit new page style

Taahe and Nootok were born and raised in LeechesS, the capital city of the planet MoonaaR. Due to overpopulation on this planet they had to leave their home as young adults. With their small spaceship they explored the galaxy and soon they found a planet where they decided to make theirselves a home.

It was a moonless night when Taahe and Nootok landed close to a rural settlement on the planet earth. They occupied a house at the outskirts of the forest and remained unnoticed for a while. When Halloween was celebrated in the nearby village the Eylee'Ns got visitors. Some local kids came by asking „trick or treat?“ Taahe raised her brow and said she'd prefer a treat. She didn't understand that a treat was expected from her, however, she understood what was meant when the kids threw foul eggs against the windows.

The Eylee'Ns found humans to be both disgusting and ugly, especially the small ones. The only positive thing they could think of humans is that their blood tastes sweet and gives them enough power to endure the many sunny days on earth.

Taahe Eylee'N

Nootok Eylee'N


No Custom Content and no Store Items were used to create the Eylee'Ns. For the outfits only EA items from the Base Game and the named expansion packs were used (detailed list see below). Items not mentioned here are from the Base Game.

Required & Optional Expansion Packs:
  • Supernatural (required)
  • Ambitions (optional for makup, hair & outfit)
  • Seasons (optional for outfit & shoes)
***Edit 2013-05-13: The named expansion packs (Ambitions & Seasons) are not required for these sims, however, they are recommended if you wish to have the sims dressed like on the pictures. If you don't have those expansion packs installed to your game, the missing clothes will be replaced with base game stuff.***

Created / Saved / Playtested with Game Version

Additional Credits:
cmomoney for the Pose Player
Eternila for the “With Style!“ - Pose Pack
ForeverHailey for the Twilight Saga Pose Pack no. 1 and no. 3 and also for the Charlie's Angels Pose Pack
RayneHeaven for the Show Style Posepack by Rayne