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Mothra Aliens

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2024 at 10:46 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2024 at 6:34 AM
[note: some Nraas mods will generates townies from saved preset values or sims in the simbin, to avoid this remove presets and or saved sims from your game when you are not actively making alien sims]

About these Sims!!
-These sims are customized human saved sims. These sims were saved with a base game skin. You will need to apply the custom content skin.
-These Sims have various custom content makeup and accessories applied.
-These sims do not contain the accessories or makeup. You will need to download the Required Custom Content (Custom and Edited Mothra CC_Popcornstar45) and (Custom Content Required!) for them to look correct in game.
-These sims do not require Seasons to function. Without seasons the sims will be missing some clothes.
-missy harries_Face Overlay_Lips removes a permanent lipstick overlay that the game applies on the custom skins. This mod is not required but it provides functional and visual improvements.

-The Mothra are normal human sims and not aliens. This was done because of the black eye overlay that all aliens have.
If you wish to make you these sims aliens I would recommend Nrass Master Controller or Nrass Master Controller Cheats (to add occult or add alien DNA percentage) + one the mods listed here to remove the alien black eyes.

Custom and Edited CC included in "download files" (Custom and Edited Mothra CC_Popcornstar45) of this post
CUSTOM and EDITED CC: (preview pictured above)
-Wind Skin Greyscale_Niobe Cremiisi_P45
(A greyscale recolor of Wind Skin) [Credits to Niobe Cremisi, Original CC post Here]
- Dot Eyebrows_Popcornstar45
(Inspired by Geisha eyebrows) [Credits to Yenwen, Original CC post Here]
- Dust Body Makeup_Popcornstar45
(A body makeup found in socks category enabled for children to Elders) [Inspired by DivaDoom Sparkly Alien Blush]
- demon-teeth-male-by-schedel_EDITDental/ demon-teeth-female-by-schedel_EDITDental
(I recategorized this CC to be in the dental accessory category) [Credits to Schedel, Original CC post Here]

Mothra Aliens
An alien species with a strong love affair with earth. Countless of the Mothra have visited earth thought the years. Several sightings have been noted with the term Mothman going around. Some say that the Mothra are attracted to earths lamps and light sources other say they may have come to earth following another Alien species.

Summary of Unique features of this alien:
  • Dust
  • Moth Antenna
  • 3 Fingers
The Mothra come from the same planet as the Twisari. The interactions between the Twisari and the Mothra has been largely undocumented, but it can be assumed that these two bug like aliens would not get along.

All credit for the amazing Antenna's goes to Callia-Evergreen!
Thank you for taking a look at my character's!