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From GTA 5: Sandy Shores trailers

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2015 at 7:58 PM
Welcome to Sandy Shores! A small settlement a few miles away from the city of Los Santos, a trailer park actually - or a huge junkyard? hard to tell the difference - where life is certainly not as comfortable as in the city, but rebellious, adventurous, slob or career criminal sims may love it. Since they are fully furnished and decorated, they are NOT starter homes.

Since my most faved and liked upload on MTS is the "Low-wealth shacks" so far, I decided to recreate these trailers from the game GTA 5, I could hardly find more trashy and grungy example that I can work with. Two of them are exact replicas of existing trailers in Sandy Shores (the blue trailer and the grey shack). The third, pink one is only influenced by elements of architecture, based on the blue trailer, but modified it to have a do-it-yourself rooftop terrace which is absolutely fashionable in Sandy Shores, perhaps because of security reasons - nice to notice in time if someone suspicious is approaching.

Warning about furnishing: living here is NOT comfortable. First, there are no stoves in the trailers. This is intentional. Sandy Shores is not a place for culinary pleasures, but there are microwave ovens for quick meals, and outdoor grill for hot dogs. Secondly, there are no bookcases on either lots. I found it totally non-authentic to have them in Sandy Shores. Folks here have better things to do than reading. Instead, I wanted to place skill and entertainment objects on these lots that can be labeled as authentic activities in a trailer park in the world of GTA (bonfire, apple bobbing tub, fireworks on the rooftop etc.).

The pink trailer: Lab
I arranged a chemistry lab inside the trailer, even some doses of Sands of Understanding (World Adventures EP) is available to Use. Comfortable only for a single sim - the "lab cook" - if he/she has a guest for a night, he/she has to sleep on the couch. :P
Lot size: 20 x 20
Furnished price: 34,538
Unfurnished price: 20,484

The blue trailer: Inventing workbench
I put a workbench into the trailer for learning to invent, and obviously, learn to blow things up. Although with double bed, it's for a single sim only, the honorable guest should sleep on the couch, or wherever. - Don't forget to rename the teddybear.
Lot size: 20 x 15
Furnished price: 35,860
Unfurnished price: 19,978

The grey shack
The biggest of the three, with more comfort, stove, double bed and bathroom instead of an all-in-one toilet. Not a special professional skill object (if we don't count the snake-charming basket in the back), I only placed a case board in the living room to help preparing your sim's next heist. :P
Lot size: 20 x 20
Furnished price: 32,998
Unfurnished price: 17,277

All of them are playtested for routing issues. No CC, no Store content, no Stuff Packs. Necessary EPs: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Generations, Showtime, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise.

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 34,538
Lot Price (unfurnished): 20,484

Additional Credits:
- to Rockstar Games for the design of exteriors of GTA 5 buildings; - to Coasterboi (the creator of the custom world Angel City) for the desert background neighborhood environment.