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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2015 at 2:02 PM
When island Sims are all pruned as they swim too much in the ocean, they are BORED!
... But they'd still love getting pruned from hot-tubbing too much!

When island Sims are fed up with living in classy, Spanish homes, they are BORED!
... But they'd still love Alocasia, a Mediterranean Exclusive Lounge for Isla Paradiso!

- Custom Content Required but Not Included (as they are package files, checked with Custard):
1) Qahne Dormer
2) ATS3 Bistro Chair
3) Sunlit Tides Gold (only for the Sauna & Massage Table, if you miss this, the room can be easily converted to a sitting room)
4) icarus_allsort's Buyable Buffet Table
5) Arsil's Professional Massage Table

The last two modder-created items are not configured (you'd want doing the settings on your own anyway) (configuration example: food type on the buffet table...)

- Issues:
1) When placing the lot, since the fence for the shelter with heather on it is located on the lot edge, the floor beneath it is raised. This is unsolvable on my part (I think I've tried my best, in this project, the lot is actually quite small, so that's unavoidable I guess) but you can simply (turn on CFE) and flatten the floor beneath. Routing is fine.

2) When viewed from the ground the hot tub in the basement looks strange, it's due to EA's fault I think.


Lot Size: 26x26
Lot Price (furnished): 156895
Lot Price (unfurnished): 48185

Additional Credits:
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