Tourism Career -- With Opportunities & MOAR

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Ever thought why Sims do not have a Tourism Career when they can travel aboard with World Adventures? Now Sims may join the Tourism Career, a rabbithole-based career!

The Tourism Career is based at the Business Builiding. To join the career, simply go to the Business Building and choose "Join Tourism Career"! It focuses on Logic, Charisma and Writing.

**This career is particularly HARD -- Long Work hours, lots of working days... but it's worthy at the end**


A. Levels and Branches
There are ten levels, with two branches, which are Organisation and Management! Sims can choose their career branch at Level 6.

Joining Text:
You may have went on travelling before, and so do you find yourself interested in the Tourism career? With long work hours every week, you may find it tough to struggle in the career, but the bittersweet fruit of success is surely rewarding.

Levels and Descriptions:
1. Receptionist
Before you work as a tour guide like you dream, you are actually starting off your career as a Receptionist! To build up your essential skills for Tourism, the boss has assigned you to greet the customers. Put on your fake smile, and say hello nicely, in hope of getting seated as soon as possible!
M, T, W, R, F, S

2. Database Maintainer

Finally you have your own seat! You are now maintaining the database which stores the tour package details. With a huge amount of files inside, you will be busy locating the data and inputting new information all day long. Whoa! What an important role! Just keep your head up, do not fall asleep, and improve your skills, otherwise you are going to welcome customers again.
M, T, W, R, F, S

3. Package Seller
You have been browsing all the tour packages for a long time and the boss thinks that your knowledge is sufficent to place you the position of a Package Seller! Study the tourism brochures carefully, prepare the explanation of each packages and practise your convincing skills, to earn big bucks... for the travel agency!
M, T, W, R, F, S

4. Local Tour Guide
The boss now makes you go out of the office. No, you are not being fired. Seriously. Actually, with your initial understanding in the world of Tourism, the boss now assigns you to be a Local Tour Guide. You may have been familiar with the town already, but when it comes to the history, the culture, the background... Prepare all the boring speeches and build your necessary skills, to hope for better reviews from the bossy tourists. "Oh, this is the locals' hangout spot, and that is... eh, my home."
M, T, F, S, U

5. Regional Tour Guide

With your impressive performance in the local tours, you now become a Regional Tour Guide! From riding trips in Appaloosa Plains, to relaxing vacations in Sunlit Tides, and even club hopping in Bridgeport, you must be capable of tours to every corner of SimNation. Keep up your good work, and practise your Charisma and Logic, then you may earn a better living!
T, R, U

6. International Tour Guide
Beyond SimNation, there is much more for you to explore! As an International Tour Guide, you travel a long distance to guide tours in foreign destinations. Trying out snails in Champs Les Sims, visiting mysterious pyramids in Al Simhara, and enjoying the beautiful view of Shang Simla may be what you are expecting, but do not get yourself too thrilled. The world has no borders, broaden your horizons and get to know more of the world!
T, R, U

7. Supervisor
You decides to sit back and work in the Management branch after lots and lots of tiring tours. Now being a Supervisor, you have to monitor the performance of the staff, handle the complaints of the customers and deal with sudden emergencies. Provided that you have a rich knowledge in Tourism, you should be able to solve daily operation issues, right?

8. Department Head
Moving up the ladder to success in Tourism Career little by little, you now arrive at the point of Department Head! Instead of handling the daily issues, you now take control of a whole department! Feeling proud, huh? Anyway, you are responsible for improving the training standards of the team and enhancing the service quality. Update your Charisma and Logic, in order to achieve a high performance!

9. Vice President
With a comfortable office and a shiny doorplate saying Vice President, you now stands on a high position of the whole company. The operation of the business is left to the Supervisors and Department Heads, so now you are assisting the Director's work. Attend meetings, hire staff, make new development, and so on. No one is closer to the position of the Director than you, yet working even harder is the final step to success!|

10. Director
Wow! You have gone through so much to today! Now finally the Director of the whole travel agency, you stand on the very top of the company. With so much power in your hands, you have proven that your contribution and loyalty to the Tourism business pays off. You represent the whole company and you lead the team to a better future... mostly for earning big bucks yourself.

7. Assistant Tour Planner
While others may have chosen the Managment branch, you think that you would like to make use of your knowledge in Tourism for real. You have had so much experience about going on tours, but you are quite a newbie in planning tours! As an Assistant Tour Planner, start by helping the Tour Organiser in contacting airlines and different tourist spot offices, organising the tour dates and so on. Keep working hard and soon you may have outstanding performances.

8. Tour Organiser
After you have gained enough experience in planning tours by helping out in miscellaneous stuff, you now become a Tour Organiser yourself! Finally you have more control of the details of tour organisation, you can design different travel packages as you like, but keep in mind that customers are picky and you have to offer high quality tours while earning a profit. Keep trying and do not forget writing reports, and soon after you know the tips of designing a tour, you are going one step forward towards a professional position...

9. Personal Tour Specialist
Various tour packages are designed by you, no matter how expensive or cheap. With your skills in tour planning, you are now a Personal Tour Specialist! Celebritites, star atheletes, business tycoons, hidden riches... all depend on you to design their very best vacations. From visiting high class wine clubs to sunbathing on their own tropical islands, tours are getting more luxurious than ever. Go ahead and plan the trips as they like, they never feel sad about emptying their wallets! Plan more, earn more, maybe you can be a bit rich yourself!

10. Field Trip Researcher
The Director earns more than you of course, but you feel like that you are the one who does the actual work! Now as a Field Trip Researcher, your job is to go on vacations yourself and provide first hand information for the tour planners... One could say that your job is to enjoy yourself, but in your eyes you are actually busy with that. Are you contented?

B. Custom Tones
There are some custom skill-building tones, which are
--Study Tourism Brochures (Available from Level 2 to Level 6, builds Logic)
--Practise Foreign Languages (Available at Level 6, builds Charisma... at a faster rate!)
--Practise Writing Reports (Available for Organisation Branch, builds Writing)

C. Special Features
--From Level 4-6, reading Tourism Books is a metric! Books are provided each workday, and Sims should read them to progress.
--Work Hours and working days are designed to simulate the work of tour guides
--Holding meetings is a metric for Vice President and Director!
--For Tour Organisers and Personal Tour Specialist, they need to write reports! Dig up others' trash or question others, then write your report on the computer!
--With Custom opportunities! They are "Cooperation", "Training Course" and "Corrupted Database"! This is very unique. Find out more when you play the career!
--With two branches, which is not common in custom careers!
--No uniforms... be creative and customize your outfit!

D. Bugs
--The Tourism Books don't use the Medical Journals' texture, but currently Twallan does not provide support for other textures currently (informing him), so the books will appear to be brownish, with no book cover and paper textures. Still, it's a bit of variance... no more "Medical-tourism journals"!

--The Report interactions are a bit bugged. Although Twallan unlocked the Question interaction, when you want to write the report on the compurter, there are three options "Report on...", "Write Positive Story on.." and "Write Negative Story on...". It shouldn't matter which you use, but it's better using Report on... interaction. Besides,when you choose the Sim to report on, there are duplicates. When you finish writing the report, it might say something about "Criminal activities"... This is annoying, but this is not a bug caused by my career and is safe.

--For some Rabbithole-visting-based opportunities, they are not perfect: the event handler (which checks whether the Opportunity is done) is kVisitedRabbithole, which there are no other choices, and this make when you do other interactions in the related rabbithole, the opportunity will be automatically "done" even though the Sim did not perform the so-called required interaction. I am not a script modder and this is not fixable due to modding limitations. Sorry.

E. Patch Compatibility
This career package is built with Patch 1.50. It is not known whether it will work with past patches. You need the latest version of NRaas CareersBase mod to load this data package. Version 75 of the NRaas Careers fixes an issue of report interaction not appearing, so the version must be Version 75 or above (I think NRaas hosts the most current version, anyway).

F. Overwriting
The career does not overwrite any other careers, EA or custom. This is a natural rule of custom careers.

Additional Credits:
Missyhissy for her useful help
Creon for his career tutorial
Twallan for his advanced career-modding techniques S3PE for the tool