Rendalen Builders and Vacation world DIY

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2013 at 12:30 AM
Updated: 28th Feb 2013 at 11:33 AM

This is a tiny world with 4 lots. It's located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Everything that far north has a blue tint to it, making it look fresh and gorgeous in my opinion

You can remove all the lots if you want. I wouldn't recommend removing the beach lots though, not unless you're sure you can replace them if needed.

Version w/lots contains:

64 x 64 mid Island lot

30 x 30 Beach lot

10 x 20 Beach cafe lot

10 x 10 Basecamp, to make it usable as a vacation world with Twallans mods.

Version with no lots contains:

1 Basecamp 10x10, for use as a vacation spot with Twallans traveler mod.

Map size: Tiny
Routing: Sims can walk on the flat part of the island and swim in the water. The mountain sides are not routable.
Spawners: Included are some butterflies, fish, birds and a sailboat.
Terrains: 7 used. Mostly my own, but they are included with the world file.
Layers: 4
Lots: 4 lots, but no houses.
Custom Content: Only my own ground textures, they will not install as usable on your lots unless you download sims3packs from my blog.
Playtested: yes and I have built on it. I had a 30x30 restaurant in the middle of the island, in addition to the lots in this file, so there should be plenty of room for a little community.

No Sims included, pictures from second playtest. I have not done anything extra to make the game treat this little island as a vacation spot. You may use Twallan's Traveler mod.

Patchlevel: 1,50. Version: If you miss some exp or stuff packs you will probably miss some trees. If you don't have Seasons you may try to get the "no lots" version pass the launcher.

Sims3pack file installed in the download folder as usual.