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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2016 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2016 at 6:38 AM - minor update
2016 June 8th Minor Update: Service Sims and Sims in active role don't change clothes + minor code improvements

2016 June 4th

With this update, I'm positive that all issues related to the outfit change have been fixed.
If you still want to play it safe and wait further confirmations, you can disable that feature
with simple xml tuning: edit the "SakuraTree Tuning" xml and put "False" to the value of
the kEnableOutfitChange tag.

Keep in mind that if you download an updated version of the mod that field will have the
default value of "True". To be safe, since I doubt I will make any change to those resources,
you can export the 2 tuning xml in a newly created package in the Overrides folder.
This way you will make sure that the outfit change is disabled and you'll keep any other
fine tuning and customization that you have mad to the mod (e.g. traits and animations).


If you use this mod with the outfit changing feature enabled (which is the default setting)
then, for the time being, only use this mod with a test game or a new one.
Keep your eyes open on the following 3 virtual issues (they should be fixed now):
  • Sims aging up/down in a lot where a tree is active keep the special outfit of the previous age category
  • The special outfit assigned to children may make them behave as if they were wearing the
    PrincessRed costume from Generations (so they can play pretend and walk like a princess).
  • Make sure you read the uninstalling section

Mod Info & Requirements

Game version 1.67
(might work with other patch levels, beats me)

World Adventures EP
This is not stricly required, it's only used for clothes, the mod will work anyway and you can always
edit the outfits (the SIMO resources in the outfit package) to use CC, BG or other clothes that you like.


This mod was inspired by douglasveiga's harvestable coconut palm (the second I saw it I thought about
falling petals) and by the Partaeus Maximus statue from the University Life EP limited edition.
For the mod's title, see Hanami.

This mod is built around a sakura tree (a japanese cherry aka Prunus Serrulata) that can be "activated"
(a mechanical and not poetical term, I apologize) to trigger its blooming and start a kind of event, the
Hanami (flower viewing) itself: as far as gameplay goes it's not really a party, technically and
conceptually speaking, it's more like a festival or, to put it simply, a little set of interactions for
Sims to do on a special occasion with a new ambience. When active/blooming the tree will:
  • double its environmental rating and become watchable (with an interaction I mean) with
    traits influencing the way Sims react (both traits' and animations' lists are tunable)
  • start to loose petals: I've recycled the petals shower visual effect used by woohoo, it only shows
    up at first (with a very loud sound, especially if you activate more trees at the same time, I apologize)
    but then petals just appear on the ground near the tree without any other animations or special effects.
  • give a moodlet and force Sims in its proximity to wear a special outfit (these 2 things are based
    on the tree broadcasting a signal once in a while, so it may take some time until the next signal
    is sent and Sims are effected by it)
Petals covering the ground won't create routing issues (you won't be able to click on some points to use
GoHere but it shouldn't be a big deal) and can also be picked up (they are worthless, it's just an eye-candy).
Sims will also pick them autonomously, but I've used a global cooldown so they don't pick them all at once
and hence frustrating what is, at least as far as I'm concerned, the main feature of the mod.
Petals will also auto-destroy after some time, so they won't become a burden on the long term.

Most of these things are configurable, so I won't explain all details since the xml resources are heavily
commented and the fields' names self-explanatory. See the next section for more info about tuning.

I won't tell you how to use the mod, but the natural place to put the tree is the park community lot.
It could be a little annoying if there are other objects that force Sims to change clothes, but the worst
thing that can happen is seeing Sims going back and forth from an outfit to another. More trees can be
placed and activated in the same lot.

Technical Info

You can check this thread for more informations.

Additional Credits

All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.

I usually don't include user submitted translations, but Vincent T. was so kind to
provide the German one while the mod was still in an early development stage
and I'd feel like an ass if I didn't include it. It's a partial translation because when
he submitted it not all strings were there yet.