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Uploaded: 20th Mar 2017 at 5:58 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2017 at 9:29 AM - Edited the description, please re-read it all especially the new WARNING paragraph
Game version 1.67 (might work with other patch levels)

This mod uses: BuffSumm's LPGA Pro Shop Glasses A1
This object is found on ByFunction/Decor/Misc and elsewhere in the Buy Catalog
(there is also the original version of the glasses that looks the same and has the
same name, pick the one that can be dragged while in live mode).

Mod Info
A pair of glasses that, when on a Sim's inventory, Sims can wear and remove
(it only affects the currently used outfit).
Works for teen+ (only because there wasn't a BG version of the sunglasses for children).
The interactions do NOT work autonomously.
The first time you try to wear them it takes a while, then it works pretty quickly.
It uses the BG aviator glasses by default.
The mod is not localizable in the usual way, it only uses a few strings, but if you
want you can change the strings editing the XML resource.

If the glasses aren't on a inventory, you can use a special interaction to set
what CASP item is associated to them (probably you can use any item,
not just glasses, but I haven't tested that, see the WARNING paragraph
below). See the second screenshot for an example.
Despite having male and female versions, glasses seems to work well for
both sexes, so I didn't differentiate them.
Of course you can also use custom made CASP glasses with this mod.
Note: the CASP name is the key used to generate the FNV64 number for
the Instance ID of the CASP resource.
It only works with "BG compatible" CASP resources (those with 0 as Group ID).

I didn't look for a way to check if a Sim is already wearing a specific CASP object;
Can only use the default preset of the CASP object;
No animations;
You can probably put a pair of glasses on top of a different pair of glasses (not tested);
It only works with "BG compatible" items (those with 0 as Group ID for the CASP resource);
The glasses as object don't really match the glasses as CASP (I used the first object I found that I liked);
Taking to CAS a male Sim wearing a female pair of glasses (or the opposite) could be a problem (not tested);
I didn't put any check to exclude pets and other special Sims (bots? werewolves?), so they probably can use the wear and remove interactions. This shouldn't be a big deal since they are not executed autonomously, so just don't use them or don't give them glasses in the first place.

This mod was designed and [briefly] tested to quickly wear and remove glasses
without entering CAS (Create A Sim). Using it for applying other kind of accessories
(or maybe even clothes or hairstyles or whatever) could be risky, especially to Sims
that don't match age category or sex for which the CAS part was designed.

Additional Credits
All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.