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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2016 at 10:12 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2016 at 9:39 PM - Updated
2016 July 8th Update : ReWrote the code about drinks/beverages to support
more beverages including the custom ones from this mod.
I don't remember if some of the official EA beverages have age restrictions (they probably do), but the custom
ones will probably be drinkable by anyone when inside the cooler. That may be or may not be an issue.

2016 June 11th Update : Fixed the override package. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2016 June 10th Update

You probably need to delete any cooler in game and replace it with a new one, not sure.

Added a filter to enable only some Sims to autonomously eat/drink items inside the cooler.
I haven't tested this feature much, so let me know if there's something wrong.
I'm not sure about the Group filter specifically. Available filters:
  • Active Sim only (useful when you are stocking the cooler and don't want anyone else to mess with it)
  • Selectable Sims only
  • Group only (includes Selectable Sims)
  • Friends only (includes Selectable Sims and Romantic Interests)
  • Everyone
This is useful for gameplay reasons but also because the eating/drinking interaction is relatively
computationally heavy - no more than those of the fridge, don't worry - and a more strict filter
will make it lighter (technically, I'm speaking of the Test method of the InteractionDefinition which
is continuously probed by the autonomy system).

The grouping and the relationships checks are based on the currently selected Sim
(so if you switch it then the list of Sims enabled to eat from the cooler may change).
There's a setting in the xml to apply or not the filter also to the "cleaning" interaction.
Mod Info & Requirements

Game version 1.67 (might work with other patch levels, beats me)

Requires the CoolBox by ATS3's Sandy CC (the red one with the handle on the top).
The script can be associated to virtually any object (see below for more info),
I just happened to like this one and I've used it (with permission) as a base.


This is a cooler (or cool box). I've used an existing object by ATS3's Sandy, which is required
and I've got permission to "use", I've simply overridden a few resource: that's why one of the
three packages, guess which one, in the archive goes into the Overrides folder
DashBoard will report a conflict, but that is exactly the point.

It works like a fridge for the cooling process, but it is portable and has its own inventory.
Fridges use a so called "shared inventory" which is linked to the lot they are in, the term
"shared" is related to the fact that every fridge in a lot shares the same inventory.
But I'm sure you already know that.

You can drag and drop any object inside the cooler, but it will recognize spoilable food.
The spoilageMultiplier I've used is lower than that of the cheapest fridge, but, like
other things in the mod, it is xml tunable.

I've also added ice packs, so the cooler will keep foods fresh only if there's at least
one ice pack inside it. Ice packs expire after some time and are automatically destroyed.
If you find stocking ice packs and check their expiration annoying you can disable the
expiration (at that point you just need to remember to put at least one inside the cooler).

To eat the food inside the cooler you can drag and drop it outside (useful with group
serving to use "call to meal") or use a eating/drinking interaction (code-wise it's a
monstrosity, be careful if you look at it) which is the option used autonomously by Sims.

NOTE: There might still be a few glitches in the mod, but nothing serious or harmful.
Additional Credits

All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.

ATS3's Sandy whit whom I've kind of indirectly collaborated.