Napping Mat

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2017 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 11th May 2017 at 4:01 PM - No more clipping
11 May 2017 Update: No more clipping (see Changelog at the bottom for more informations)

Mod Info
Developed and tested on game version 1.67.

Object Info
The mesh has 2 geostates: default and tucked. Vertices: 568. Polygons: 892.
3 recolorable channels. The mat is found in the BuyCatalog in:

Mod Description
A napping mat with an interaction for toddlers: sleep. Sleepy toddlers will use it autonomously.
Child+ can tuck in a sleeping toddler (clicking on the mat, not on the toddler). This also
works autonomously, if you have Seasons it will be based on the temperature (I probably
didn't use a good default value for the threshold).

Vampire toddlers have their own dedicated animations, but you can disable them and use
the normal ones if you don't like them.

If toddlers have a stuffed animal in inventory, they'll get a moodlet (after sleeping for at least
X sim-minutes), like when they sleep in the crib or on the floor.

The mod is pretty flexible, see the CONFIGURATION xml, there are quite a few options.

Autonomy and interaction with the crib
Uhm... I feel like there's something important to say here, but I really don't remember.
Is it better to use both the mat and the crib or just one of the two? You tell me.

IIRC while toddlers are sleeping on the mat, they can't be interrupted by autonomous interactions,
so Sims trying to use an interaction on them might wait and wait. A win for the toddler, but the
other Sim will waste time doing nothing (I saw Sims waiting a very long time during the first
phases of testing, which are a complete blur now, not sure if it still happens).

Traits matter
Insane, Clumsy and Absent Minded Sims can sleep in the mat ignoring the "right" orientation.

Couch Potato and Heavy Sleeper Sims might go to sleep even when not sleepy (see notes on the ITUN,
this might not have been a great idea, probably a separate Nap interaction would work better)

Using Dashboard, you'll notice a conflict with my other mod: Child2Toddler2Baby.
It's ok, the two mods have a CLIP resource in common.

Additional Credits
All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.
icemunmun for contributing.


11 May 2017 Update:
  • No more clipping: used a custom sleeping animation (doesn't override the official one)
  • The mod doesn't use any more the official animations to fall asleep (lay down) and
    wake up ("stand"), only the custom ones.
  • The mod doesn't override any more the "sleep" jazz script
    (ResourceKey/TGI : 0x02D5DF13-0x00000000-0x120D2F2F6E107F36)
    So the new animations won't work when sleeping in the crib or on the floor.
  • Note that there may still be clipping (especially or only with the pillow) when toddlers
    sleep using a non-standard orientation (tuck-in will re-orient them to avoid clipping with the blanket).

1 May 2017 Update:
  • Fixed timing between changing clothes and spin vfx
  • You can now set and reset ownership of the mat (this is experimental, I'm a little concerned about households moving out. The mat will be unusable by the new - inactive - tenants. Not a problem when they are not fully simulated, but if you visit them or something it could be). It uses the same localization of the bed, so you'll see the word bed instead of mat
  • New mat made by icemunmun
  • New interaction, tuck in, that child+ can perform on the mat when there's a toddler sleeping.
  • I wasn't able to reproduce the steps that lead to the glitch (never saw the glitch again at all), so it's probably still there. Try removing the _Animations.package file and disabling vampire animations from the xml to see if that helps.