Mangaka Active Career

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2016 at 3:52 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2016 at 7:49 AM - Updated Version: see Updates section

4th July 2016
  • Book length made xml tunable ("MangakaTable Tuning"). Average is 45 pages,
    usually TS3-comics are 30 pages long, but for fast reading Sims that can be too short.
3rd July 2016
  • Amount of money earned when getting a manga published made a bit more random
  • Now receiving editor tips only works when creating a new manga (not continuing an already started one) and, as before, only if the meeting wasn't older than 3 sim-days.
  • Now publishing and meeting the editor is only available on decent hours (9-21, not on week ends)
  • Now meeting the editor might generate 2 very rare events: to trigger them the mangaka needs at least 3 Brilliant and/or Masterpiece manga.
  • Fixed the percentages on the career stats report
  • Added a field in "MangakaTable Tuning" to enable/disable autonomy of the mod: it is applied only to the draw manga interaction, but if Sims can't draw then all other interactions can't be used
  • Changed how Writing and Painting skills improve when drawing manga. Now they improve only when finishing a manga and the amount of skillpoints gained is xml tunable (in "MangakaTable Tuning").
  • Increased the default base value for the money gained by publishing a manga (previously it was too low) and made tunable the amount added for each career level. For a normal manga now the average is 300 simoleons at level 1 and 500 at level 5.
2nd July 2016
  • Fixed the time needed to complete a manga. The default value is set as a pretty long duration,
    but Sims will stop if their motives are low.
  • I've tried to rebalance the mod since Sims were gaining xp at a ridicoulous rate. Now drawing
    manga increases the Painting and Writing skill very slowly.
  • The career has 5 levels. Now Sims will not gain xp while drawing when they are at the level 1
    of the career because they will automatically reach level 2 when they get their first manga published
    (they shouldn't level up either by improving the Painting and/or Writing skill). From level 2 onwards
    they will normally gain xp from drawing manga and from improving those two skills.
  • Improved the Career Stats report with percentages
Mod Info, Requirements, Object Specs and Cataloguing

Game version 1.67 (might work with other patch levels, beats me)

This mod requires Ambitions (note: it doesn't need it because it's an active career,
but because it uses objects and animations from that EP).

This mod does NOT require NRaas Careers.

MangakaTable (maybe I called it workbench somewhere), same stats of the DraftingTable, found in
- BuyCatalog/ByFunction/Entertainment/HobbiesAndSkills
- probably elsewhere

Mangaka = manga creator

This mod might use copyrighted material, see the Additional Credits section for more info.

This is a custom Active Career. It's not exciting as it sounds, it's very basic and it will get boring
pretty soon. You need 2 things to make the career work:
- have a BookStore Rabbit Hole
- have a MangakaTable (a cloned DraftingTable)

Here's a brief summary of how it works:
  • You join the career from the bookstore RH or from the table (if that option is enabled from the xml).
  • Using the MangakaTable you draw a manga (a single page, like a painting, so use your fantasy
    to pretend it's a whole book)
  • You take the manga/draft from the table (there's an interaction but you can also dragAndDrop it in your inventory)
  • You give a name to the manga (clicking on it)
  • You click on the manga/draft in your inventory or directly on a bookstore RH to get the interaction to [try to] publish it
  • Based on career level, if you recently met your editor and randomness it will be published or rejected (destroyed)
  • If published, the picture will be turned into a book (you'll get it in your mailbox after some time). You'll get paid
    immediately, there are no royalties. I know it's unrealistic but that's how I wanted to do it.
  • If the integration with the writing skill is enabled from the xml (by default is not enabled) then the manga will count
    as a written book. You should also found it in libraries (but you might need UL, since it is a Comic).

The mod is XML tunable. See for yourself how it can be configured (it's self-explanatory),
especially the resources "Mangaka Tuning" and "MangakaTable Tuning".

Additional Credits

All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.

No copyright infringement intended.
I'm not an expert, I may have used fan made pictures instead of the real deal.

The small size of the images (and often the change of proportion to fit the canvas)
lowers a lot their quality and so should grant permission to use them (I hope this
is a real thing and my cousin didn't make it up).

  • Arsil_MangaPicture_1_3 is from
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_2_5 is from Dr. Slump
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5 is from Bakuman
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5_TraitRelated is from Hellsing
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5_Genious is from Death Note
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5B is from Attack on Titan
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5B_TraitRelated is from Berserk
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_3_5B_Virtuoso is from Beck
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_4_5 is from Maison Ikkoku
  • Arsil_MangaPicture_4_5_Virtuoso is from Nodame Cantabile