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Cup Ramen

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2016 at 6:57 PM
Updated: 21st Jan 2017 at 4:53 AM

:lovestruc Compatible with the patch PC Version / Mac Version (Jan 12, 2017.) :lovestruc

Update Jan 21, 2017: VERSION 3. Updated for Patch 1.26.96 (aka Toddler Patch). Now all age groups can eat this food as before.
Update Nov 9, 2016: VERSION 2. Now chopsticks are animated. (replaced with EA ones that came along with the patch 1.24.102.)


This is cup ramen that sims can get from fridges, microwaves, coolers or vending machines.
  • YOU NEED CUSTOM FOOD INTERACTION v1.9.1 or higher for the recipe to be available in game.
  • No cooking skill is required (Lv1)
  • No ingredient is required.
  • Tagged as Misc.
  • Cooking steps and props (cooking ingredient, ingredient, and chopsticks) are customized.
  • Available for all age groups.

  • Your game version must be at least 1.26.96 (aka Toddler Patch) for this recipe to work!
  • Basegame Compatible, but the dish will also show up in the restaurant menu if you have Dine Out (GP03) installed.
  • The recipe is also available from coolers (GP01), or vending machines (EP01), if you have the respective GP/EP installed.
  • Should not conflict with any other mod.
  • Safe to merge with other files.

How to use this recipe:
  1. Make sure your game version is up-to-date.
  2. Make sure you installed all the required files (both recipe and custom interaction script)
  3. Click coolers, microwaves, refrigerators or vending machines in game and choose [Have Custom Snack] pie menu.
  4. Choose the recipe you'd like to cook from the list.

How to change the texture of some food/drinks:
  1. Have your sim get food/drinks from fridges, stove, etc, as usual.
  2. Cancel the eating interaction so you can snatch the food/drinks away :D
  3. Go into the Buy mode and use the design tool to change textures.
  4. Give the food/drinks back to your sim.
  • Please note that this trick only works for certain food/drinks that were specially made for the purpose.

  • English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian (all translated by myself)

I used the strings of other custom food and google translator for the translation. So feel free to correct any mistake and add suggestions. You can simply translate the texts below and reply to me. And I'll take care of the rest.

English / Cup Ramen


Polygon Counts:
  • Single meal: 306 vertices / 434 polygons
  • Custom chopsticks: 64 vertices / 40 polygons
  • Ingredient: 97 vertices / 106 polygons

  • Plasticbox for the custom interaction script and tutorial.
  • Graycurse for helping the FoodGroup improve the script.
  • New meshes by me.
  • The ramen ingredient is a new mesh by me and you can download a deco version of it in my personal blog.
  • Made with Sims4Studio, Blender, and Photoshop