Newcrest Colour Map Override

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2016 at 7:57 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2022 at 9:07 PM - Updated Files
Ever notice how when EA updated the world maps from plain to full colour they also completely altered the layout of the road system in Newcrest? When you compare the original to what we have now you can see there are roads that have been removed entirely, a river has been added that doesn't exist when you're actually in any of the neighbourhoods, buildings have been added on the right where there are none, and the lake appears to have become the sea.
Well, this mod alters the map image to one that is full colour but with the road and feature layout of the original.

This mod overrides two image files that the game combines to create this single map image.
The images have Instance 8974790C18026D99 and Groups 00064DC9 and 00064DCA
Any other mods that override these same resource will conflict.
This override has been made possible thanks to the new UITextureSquasher tool created by CmarNYC.

The location of the Lots have NOT been altered with this mod. This is purely a texture replacement.
Place in your downloads folder as you would with any other .package. To delete, just remove it from your Mods folder. It's only a visual change so shouldn't break your game.

01/08/22 Updated for compatibility with the High School Years patch.
22/07/21 Updated for the Cottage Living patch.
14/06/20 Updated for the Eco Lifestyle patch.

Additional Credits:
Google (for the image of original Newcrest).