TS2>TS3 Tall and Terrible Armoire By Darkness Conversion

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2013 at 2:53 PM
Today I bring you the Tall and Terrible Armoire by Darkness from TS2 Teen Style Stuff.
This time around, unike with my previous wardrobe conversions, the clothing inside IS animated.

Object Details
Price || 360
Room Sort || Bedroom > Dressers
Function Sort || Storage > Dressers
Presets || 2
Channels || 4

The wardrobe also features the original TS2 catalogue description and has been translated into all languages provided with the original.

The two presets are based on two of the original designs. The red design is true to the original but I tweaked the purple one a bit to include patterned door panels.

The inside of the wardrobe shares its pattern with the channel shown as yellow in the attached picture.

As with my previous wardrobe conversions, there are a few things to note.

- The mapping is not perfect and I have done my best to fix it. Horizontal patterns become VERY distorted across the doors but the issue is not visible when vertical patterns are used. Any pattern works well on the door panels. I honestly cannot improve this any further without completely remeshing the object from scratch. See the attached picture for visuals.
- Sims feet sink into the wardrobe base when entering and exiting from woohoo. This is because the doors are not as low as either of the Supernatural originals from which it was cloned. There is a picture in the attachements to illustrate.

Built with game version 1.50

With all that being said I hope that you and your Sims with darker tendancies find this conversion useful and pleasing to look at.
If you do like it then please give the Thanks button a press.

Polygon Counts:
High = 2719
Medium = 1995

Additional Credits:
Texture Tweaker.