Oasis Springs Map Override

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Uploaded: 16th Feb 2017 at 7:58 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2022 at 9:02 PM - Updated Files
In a similar vein to my previous map overrides, I have now updated the Oasis Springs map to more accuratlely represent the in-game world.
This time EA didn't change anything from the plain version to the coloured version but that isn't to say that there weren't a few things that needed correcting anyway.
The roads have been edited ever so slightly and a few decorative props altered. The big difference is the inclusion of the grassy areas on the map! No longer do you have to try and remember which neghbourhoods are lush and green. Now you can see from the map!

This mod overrides two image files that the game combines to create this single map image.
The images have Instance FEB200D10389DFAA and Groups 00064DC9 and 00064DCA
Any other mods that override these same resource will conflict.
This override has been made possible thanks to the new UITextureSquasher tool created by CmarNYC.

This is purely a texture replacement. It does not correct the rotation of certain Lots which are facing the wrong way from map view. To fix these I recommend Spazmunki13's Fixed Lot Rotations in Map View mod.
Place in your downloads folder as you would with any other .package. To delete, just remove it from your Mods folder. It's only a visual change so shouldn't break your game.

01/08/22 Updated for compatibility with the High School Years patch.
22/07/21 Updated for the Cottage Living patch.
14/06/20 Updated for compatibility with the Eco Lifestyle patch.

Additional Credits:
HazzaPlumbob for providing some of the tree and rock assets,
Lenoir333 for making me aware of the grassy areas in OS.