Calum Lochlainn

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This is the first sim I have decided to share.
I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.
His name is Calum Lochlainn and he was designed as a Highland Warrior.

Traits: Athletic, Adventurous, Brave, Disciplined, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection
Favorites: Stu Surprise, Egyptian, Spice Brown

Eyes: default replacements from Club Crimsyn called Multi-colored default replacement eyes:

SKIN: Peggy's skin:


Sliders & Mods:

Jonha's sliders for body shape:

Ahmads' Sliders for Face:

Chin to Neckline Sliders:

Chin Cleft Slider by Tum Tum:

Non Default skintone replacements/Rez Delnava's UI Mod:

AwesomeMod (or other slider hack):,15185.0.html

EA Content:
Need World Adventures and Ambitions EP's for clothing and hair


How To Install

- open .rar and extract .sim file using using a program like WinRAR or BitZipper.
- Place .sim file in to your "Saved Sims" folder
Follow the path Documents/ Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Saved Sims
- If the "Saved Sim" folder is not in this location you need to start your game, go to Create-a- Sim, create any generic sim and select "Save to Bin".
This will create the "Saved Sim" folder.