Research Facility - CC-Free

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Uploaded: 15th May 2019 at 12:55 AM
This is a community lot I built for my apocalypse hood.

Pasted from my starter community lots upload:
Phaenoh's version of the Apocalypse Challenge () requires community lots, where sims have to 'apply' for their careers, and where the restrictions for that career are relaxed temporarily. The idea is that your neighbourhood will be gradually built up, from a wasteland to a functioning town, as the restrictions are lifted. The challenge also divides the careers into three tiers. All of the careers for Tier 1 have to be lifted before you can start on Tier 2. Lots are allowed to flout restrictions for the career/s they represent. As careers are lifted, lots should be built or upgraded to fit the more relaxed rules.

Phaenoh provided some beginning lots herself, and linked suitable ones made by others, in her information thread. There are many great lots there already.

However, most apocalypse lots rely very heavily on custom content to get 'the look'. I wanted to see what could be done with EA content. Many of them are also very large. I prefer smaller lots, so I can see what is happening and my computer is happier.

Now, this particular lot:

Funding has been made available to investigate and repair conditions in the area, and to that end, a shiny new Research Facility has been constructed.

Much of the work done here is experimental, and possibly not safe for the general public. Security is high, with access codes required to enter different areas of the the building, and electric fencing. Visitors are passed through Reception only after rigorous checks.

There are plenty of visitors, too, keen to watch progress being made - this is currently the only place in the disaster zone where greenery can be found.

Oceanographers are investigating water toxicity, with several indoor and outdoor testing installations. They are slowly figuring out how to detoxify both fresh- and salt-water, and encouraging aquatic life to return to the area. They keep samples in tanks, and it is rumoured that they even have real fish in open ponds.

The Natural Scientists have an extensive area on the ground floor of the building, including a large greenhouse where they are working to identify plants which will thrive in the reduced conditions. The scientists have a particularly -interesting- specimen in the secure lab, possibly a mutation caused by the forces at Ground Zero.

Upstairs, the Science laboratory is the smallest of the three work areas, but no less important for that – and they do have easy access to the lounge and cafeteria!

For those playing Phaenoh's challenge, this lot covers the Science, Natural Science and Oceanography careers for Tier 2.

The Research Facility is a 3x2 lot, CC-free. A copy of the lot has been tested by my sims.

I use a number of defaults and neighbourhood deco which you may see in screenshots.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): n/a

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Pinstar, Phaenoh and the many others who have updated and redesigned the Apocalypse Challenge over the years.

Thanks to Sophie-David and others, for making career rewards and game accessories buyable. Useful for decorating lots!
Created with all EPs and SPs except the holiday packs.
Created using Numenor's AnyGameStarter (UC version).