Functional Junk

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2020 at 10:16 PM

Mistyfluff converted seven Sims3 junk piles to Sims2, and I decided to make them functional.

Mif's site and TOU:
Junkyard and Workshop Collection by Mistyfluff :
(Her file includes some extra items which you may want.)

Each of the objects has been made fridge-stockable and grab-enabled. Now your sims can visit the junkyard and get something for their pains!

The Grab/Take action is non-autonomous, and only for currently-selectable sims, so randoms don't walk off with your stuff. Each pile is worth food points, although not very many - good nutrition doesn't generally come from junkheaps! Sims rifling through the trash piles will also take a hit to their hygiene.

Once your sim has the junk in inventory, it can be sold or stocked in a refrigerator.

Room score points - 1 to 4, depending on size.

Quarter-tile enabled.

Restocks from catalogue.

Catalogued in Deco/Misc, priced low.

mif's deco versions were supposed to be basegame-compatible. I have the UC, don't know whether my edits make them require M&G? Flagged everything just to be sure.

Sims will walk through the edges of the larger objects, especially if placed off-grid or on a diagonal. I have found this useful, for grabbing and for selling/restocking the piles. Better than a lot of foot-stomping, and I just ignore the heads poking out from random junk heaps.

Polys are somewhat hefty, but most of these are large, multi-tile objects with lots of edges.

Polygon Counts:
Burnt Rubble 792
Large Junk Pile 2212
Large Junk Pile With Car 3914
Rubble 1615
Small Junk Pile 3158
Tiny Scrap Pile 1432
Trash Pile 873

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Creesims for the inspiration (check out her conversion of Windkeeper's trash piles), and for lending a BHAV to get me started.

Thanks also to Echo, Deedee, Leefish and others, whose tutorials and tips have helped me figure this out.