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Functional Binders (Also for Basegame)

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2019 at 6:11 PM
Updated: 15th Sep 2019 at 9:45 PM by Gackt-Sama
Hellooooo it's me

Today I decided to go with 4 pieces of clothing that will act like binders
I really missed something like that for my FtM Sim
gladly I found a mesh from Pigeon that's free to use
(better give him a check he's having a few more )

Clothes? What kind clothes we're talking about?
well, good that you ask we're talking about
a tank top, a basic shirt, a basic shirt in the category swimming clothes and the island living diving shirt

wanna have a look? Here you go:

This is the basic shirt seen in CAS and in-game in my apartment

This sim is indeed a FtM Sim for those of you who were wondering
like to be seen and wanted the binder works perfectly it's all flat I'm very exited and glad this really works
I'm also very much into the diving shirt I wish I had something like this back in time

In order for this to work you will need island living to be installed

What else?

  • 3 of them are base game compatible
  • You'll find them withing -> swimming clothes, tank tops and shirts
  • These are CAS items
  • The row of colors shown in the pictures are the colors that are available
  • They're available for both genders
  • They’re not randomized so sims won’t wear them if not selected by the player


These items were NOT created to laugh at someone or to make fun of transsexuality
also I'm not intending to hurt or offend anybody neither with description, screenshots/pictures nor the creations themselfs
Please be respectful


Additional Credits:
Mesh (included) by Pigeon: https://pigeonhome.tumblr.com/
Texture by: Maxis
Used: Sims4Studio