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School Mods

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2019 at 5:01 AM
Updated: 27th Sep 2022 at 8:01 AM
There are multiple mods here that affect the way school works in the Sims 2.

Private School Mod: Sims' motives decay more slowly at private school, making them come home with higher motives which allows sims to more easily do their homework, and have time to do more stuff. However, getting sims into private school has no consequences. There should be a fee for private school. It looks like Maxis intended to add a fee to private school, most of the code for that is actually in the game. This mod fixes Maxis' code and makes it so that your household needs to pay 100 simoleons per each child/teen studying in private school. You will be charged at 6am on days your sim is supposed to be at school. This means you won't be charged on weekends and on snow days. When it's time to pay, the game checks each student individually starting from the one with the lowest neighbor ID. If you end up with less than 100 simoleons, the student will be put into public school.
Private School Mod - UPDATE 1: You will now be charged on snow days, too.
Private School Mod - UPDATE 2: Sometimes the game wouldn't show the notification for snow day, this has been fixed.
- CT - Pay Bill/0x7F2DCBC6/0x00001005
- Tuning - Billing/0x7F2DCBC6/0x0000100B
- Function - Main/0x7F2DCBC6/0x00001001
- Function - pay bill/0x7FBE051B/0x00002021

Private School Leave Early Mod: This separate mod makes it so that private school students leave school earlier than usual. Children leave at 2pm and teens leave at 12pm. This gives the player more reason to enroll and keep their students in private school.
Resources: Tuning - Hours per Day/0x7F2DCBC6/0x00001002

School Bring Home Friend Mod: This mod fixes problems with the way a sim determines which friend to bring home from school. In an unmodded game, sims can bring vacation locals from school, which should not be possible. This has been fixed. Sims who are in public school will only bring playable sims who are in public school. Sims who are in private school will only bring playable sims who are in private school. If the friend is a townie, then sims who are in public school cannot bring downtownies, socialites and techs, and sims who are in private school can only bring downtownies, socialites and techs. In addition, Freetime added a Hobby Friend feature, but this does not work for schools, and only works properly for jobs. Children and teens can now bring hobby friends from school if they succeed at an appropriate hobby chance card. Children will only bring child hobby friends, and teens will only bring teen hobby friends. Sims are able to bring hobby friends even if the hobby friend is in another school. Additionally, the game will properly put the friend into the appropriate school uniform if the friend is in private school, or downtownie, socialite or tech. This mod has one resource which conflicts with my Job Bring Home Friend Mod, but there is no actual conflict as the resources are exact copies of each other.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE1: Maxis tried to make it so that teens who have teen jobs would only be able to bring friends from school who also had the same job, but there were mistakes in the code which made it so that teens who had a job were unable to bring any friends home. This mod fixed this, and made it so that teens would only bring friends who had the same job as them. I am getting rid of this feature completely in this update, because it doesn't make any sense. Teens should be able to bring friends who don't have the same job.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE2:: When a sim brings a Downtownie, Socialite or Tech home from school, the game will now enroll that townie in private school. In an unmodded game, all townie children/teens are in public school, but now they can be private school students, too.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE3: Sims won't bring Family Bin sims home from school any more.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE4: Fixed an error.
CT - Find New Hobby Friend/0x7F9ECC6A/0x00001017
Sub - Get in T[0] - School Friend/0x7FBE051B/0x00002029
Sub - Return to World - Try Bring Friend/0x7FBE051B/0x0000202A

School Grade Mod: In an unmodded game, whenever a child/teen goes to school, their grade is increased/decreased a bit depending on their mood. In addition, if the sim has done all their homework, their grade is increased by +3. If there is only one homework object belonging to the sim left on the lot, then their grade is not affected by homework. If there is more than one homework object belong to the sim left on the lot, the sim's grade is decreased by -3. This mod makes it so that, the homework effect is not always +3/-3, but rather a random number from +1 to +3 for having done all homework, and from -1 to -3 for leaving more than one homework object belonging to the sim on the lot.
Resources: Calculate Grade/0x7FBE051B/0x00002037

School Work Lecture Mod: This mod makes it so that when a sim returns from school with a grade lower than C-, their parents may lecture them. They will always lecture them if their grade is below D-. If it is lower than C- and higher than F+, then there is a 50% chance that parents will lecture. Parents will also lecture when a child/teen misses a school day, or when a teen misses work.
Interaction - Put Homework Down/0x7FF4DCC2/0x00001010
Sub - Missed School/0x7FBE051B/0x0000200C
Sub - Warn/Fire0x7F82CA75/0x00001003

School Come Home Mod: This mod makes it so that when a child/teen comes home from school in a school bus, the game will make the sim route away from the bus doors and then allow the sim to take out their report card, so that they don't block the way. In addition, I found out that students are supposed to perform certain animations when they get off the bus depending on their mood, but Maxis made a mistake which prevents some of these animations from playing. This mod fixes this issue.
Interaction - Get Off/0x7FC00BA4/0x00001012
Interaction - Report Card/0x7FBE051B/0x00002032

School Snow Day Go To School Fix: The game still allows students to go to school on foot or by car/helicopter even if it is a snow day. This mod fixes this issue.
Sub - Can Go to School?/0x7F01EC29/0x0000253E
Sub - Can Go To School?/0x7F4EA230/0x0000208B

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life.