Vampirify (Vampire Creation Spell)

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Created by r3m
Uploaded: 8th Oct 2019 at 6:52 PM
Updated: 12th Nov 2019 at 8:36 PM

2019.10.24: Added French translation by cramed kween.

Mod Overview

This mod adds a new "Vampirify" spell that allows Spellcasters to turn human Sims into Vampires.

This spell belongs to the School of Untamed Magic and can only be learned by Master Spellcasters that have reached at least level 13 Vampire Lore skill. Unlike other spells, sages won't be able to teach you this spell and you won't be able to learn it randomly through duels or practicing on your own. Instead, your Sim has to use the new "Reveal Hidden Chapter" interaction on "The Ultimate Vampire Compendium."

Vampire Creation

Once your Sim has read through the hidden chapter, they will be able to cast Vampirify on human (or seemingly human) Sims.

Regular SuccessTarget Sim starts their Vampire transformation (same process as if bitten by a Vampire - lasts 36 hours). Your Sim will be marked as their Master and they will be your Offspring. If the Sim is your enemy they will start with the Uncontrollable Hissing weakness.
Charged SuccessSame as above but the Vampire transformation process is reduced to 24/12/0 hours depending on whether your Spellcaster is Charged/Overcharged/Dangerously Overcharged. If the target Sim is your enemy they will start with the Undead Aura weakness.
FailureSpell backfires and your Sim will temporarily get nausea and loss of appetite. This will stick for 8 hours.
Alien FailureYour Sim will discover that their target is an Alien and the Alien will change out of their disguise.
Mermaid FailureYour Sim will discover that their target is a Mermaid.
Scrambled SpellsYour Sim will cast a random spell on the target (e.g. Strangeify or Scruberoo).

The Alien and Mermaid failure outcomes only have a chance to happen if your Sim doesn't know that their target is an Occult. If they are a known Alien or Mermaid, then your Sim won't be able to cast the spell on them at all.

Curing Vampirism

Additionally, Sims can cast De-Vampirify on Vampires. This will turn them human against their will. The success of this spell depends on your rank as well as the vampire's rank and perk. If the vampire is weakened by the sun it is also likelier that your Sim succeeds. It's not a good idea to cast it on a strong Vampire at plain night though!

SuccessTarget Vampire becomes human. Your Sim receives a Confident +2 buff for curing a Vampire. Relationship takes a heavy toll
FailureYour Sim will temporarily become easy target prompting the Vampire to Drink Deeply and knock out your Sim. The Vampire won't come at your Sim if they have Regained Humanity.


This custom spell requires my Spellbook Injector mod. It was made to work with game version 1.56 or later.

Both The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and The Sims 4 Vampires are required.


The following two resources have been overriden, so the Vampires you turn/cure are properly registered in your Statistics. This mod will only conflict with mods that edit these same two resources.


Additional Credits

  • Sims4Studio
  • Kutto, for thoroughly testing the spell