Foyer Mirror

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Here's large posh foyer mirror - I've made two variations - wall option and leaning option.
Textures are slaved to Club Distress Wall Mirror (base game) so my mirrors will pick up any recolors you already have.. But I still had to make an ***load of new recolors - 20 included (and I've really tried to limit myself )
No expansions needed.

Foyer Wall Mirror
& Foyer Leaning Mirror cost 1100 S each,
and can be found in
Buy Mode/Decorative/Mirrors

Notice: I've generated random GUIDs for my mesh files.
More info:

Remember to check if all new object meshes you put in your folders show up in the game.


EA Maxis, for frame mesh

Polygon Counts:
Foyer Floor Mirror & Foyer Wall Mirror : Poly=698, Vert.=927

Additional Credits: SimPE

Style: Antique Contemporary
Room: Living Bedroom
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #large mirror, #club distress mirror, #antique, #frame, #hallway, #leaning mirror