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Whim Modifier Exception Fixer

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Uploaded 13th Aug 2020 at 1:36 PM

Important Install Instructions
This is a script mod. The .ts4script file must be placed directly into your mods folder or at most 1 subfolder deep for the game to load it.

A simple mod that fixes an annoying error message which pops up whenever your sims switch lots.

The error can strike old saves, saves with many dead sims, saves with deleted or culled sims, saves with bad cc, saves with deleted cc, or saves where story progression mods have created children of certain NPCs with special inherited traits (Father Winter). Once a save has begun experiencing those errors, it will experience them forever every time you travel to another lot unless you use this mod.

The error occurs during the process of travelling when the game unloads the old lot and loads in the new lot. It happens because the game tries to access and modify the whims tracker of a sim that either doesn't have a whims tracker, doesn't exist, or (more commonly) was just unloaded because the game just unloaded the current active lot. The process of trying to access something that is unloaded gives the game a result of nothing, and trying to modify that nothing is what triggers the error.

This mod fixes that by making the game check if the whims tracker actually exists before trying to modify it.

It's a script mod. It is highly unlikely it will ever conflict with anything, and it's unlikely it will ever need to be updated.

Type: Fixed

Tags: #fix, #exception, #error