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Urn Binding and Summoning

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Uploaded: 11th Feb 2021 at 3:05 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2021 at 1:21 PM
This mod has a script component. The .ts4script file must be placed directly in your mods folder or at most only 1 subfolder deep.

Russian translation is courtesy of wild_guy.
Chinese translation is courtesy of AJia.

Update 2021-11-24: An update for the latest version of the game.

Update History:

Did your favorite townie die? Or perhaps you accidentally misplaced the urn of one your precious deceased legacy sims?
Normally those sims would be irretrievably lost, doomed to fade away forever by the game's culling system. Not anymore!

Now you can create new urns for all your lost ghosts and let them haunt your house forever, or you could even build a graveyard and keep it up to date with your town's ever growing ghost population.

Adds the following interactions to all Urns/Graves in the game:
  • Bind Ghost (Only for graves not already bound to a ghost or sim): Allows you to select a ghost to bind to the urn. The urn will then become that ghost's urn, allowing them to haunt the lot in their usual ghostly fashion. Yes, you can bind the same ghost to multiple urns at once.
  • Bind Sim (Only for graves not already bound to a ghost or sim): Allows you to select a living sim to bind to the urn. The urn will then become that sim's urn. Should the sim ever die, they will be able to haunt your lot from the urn.
  • Undo Binding (Only for graves already bound): Unlinks the urn from the bound sim. Unlike EA's "Release" option, the ghost will not be deleted. This will allow you to delete the urn and bind the sim to another urn later.
  • Summon Ghost's Urn: Spawns a new urn which will automatically be bound to the selected ghost. If the selected ghost is an occult (Alien, Vampire, etc.), the urn will be an appropriate occult urn. The urn will attempt to spawn on the floor near the urn your sim is interacting with, so keep the floor tidy! If the new urn cannot be placed nearby, it will instead be placed near the center of the lot on the ground floor.
  • Summon Sim's Urn: The same as above, but the urn will be bound to a selected living sim instead.
These interactions will also be available for any custom urns added by mods as long as they are correctly tagged as an urn.
Ghost interactions will be unavailable if there aren't any ghosts in your save file.

This mod also adds a buyable urn to the buy mode catalog to help you get started. It is in the decorations -> sculpture category for the amazing price of nothing.
Note that this buyable urn will instantly turn into the base game urn when placed. This means lots that have this urn will not be marked as modded, and the urn will also switch to a tombstone when placed outside.

This mod should be compatible with any other mod. It uses a script to add the interactions to all urns during gameplay, so no game files are modified.

Frequently Asked Questions: