Edit Occult Forms - For Hybrids

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Uploaded: 9th Sep 2020 at 4:03 PM
Updated: 5th Oct 2020 at 5:24 AM
This mod's features are now part of my all-in-one hybrid stabilizer mod: https://modthesims.info/d/647863/

There is a script component to this mod. The .ts4script file MUST be placed directly in your mods folder or at most 1 subfolder deep.

  • Mermaid Hybrid Stabilizer Despite the name, it doesn't actually require mermaids. It overrides script functions relating to adding, removing, and switching between occult forms. Required to assure hybrids enter CAS in the correct form.
  • Motive Sort Override to ensure the needs panel displays properly for hybrids.
  • Any game pack which adds occult sims. While you can run this mod without any occult packs installed, there really wouldn't be any point...

You may need to enable the cas.fulleditmode cheat before using the interactions to fully be able to edit your forms.

This mod allows you "safely" edit your sim's occult forms in CAS. Normally, hybrids are in danger of having their forms overwritten or deleted whenever they enter CAS. This mod fixes that problem by using CAS' special "disguise" mode which was added to the basegame with the release of Get to Work, but has remained mostly unused. When you use one of the interactions provided by the mod, your sim will enter the disguise mode of CAS as a pure occult of your chosen form. For example: Choosing the mermaid option will force your sim to enter CAS as a pure mermaid, allowing you to safely edit the tail.
Your sim's true occult type will be restored once you exit CAS thanks to the game recalculating your occult type after every loading screen.

After editing an occult type, you should enter use the Human mode interaction to safely sync your human form across all your occult types. This is especially important for spellcasters. They must return to CAS in human mode to properly save their human form.

I repeat: Spellcasters MUST re-enter CAS in human mode after using spellcaster mode or else the other modes can break. The mermaid mode WILL break unless you re-enter in human mode to save your human form.

You don't need to make any changes when you re-enter as a human. Just click accept. Your occult-exclusive items, such as pointed ears, may appear to be missing in CAS, but they will safely return once you accept and return to the game.

Because hybrids are not officially supported by EA, there may still be issues that cannot be fixed by this mod. Be sure to save frequently in case one of your forms gets reset, and remember to save your normal form with the human mode whenever you edit an occult form.

There are 3 versions of this mod in the download. Please choose only one .package file to install.
  • The "normal" version adds interactions to sims and the phone.
  • The (Phone Only) version will only add the interactions to your phone. They will appear in a new phone menu. Useful for people who feel like their sim menus are getting cluttered.
  • The (Sim Only) version will only add the interactions to your sims. They will appear under the new "edit form" pie menu category which will display when clicking your own sim.

It shouldn't conflict with anything. The interactions use completely new script functions which are added by this mod.

Known bugs
Aliens do not play nice with other occult types. Alien hybrids may have their alien form deleted and replaced with a newly-generated one when loading a savegame. This is an EA bug that they refuse to fix. If this happens to you, exit to the main menu and try reloading your save.

If someone ever makes a CAS unlocker mod which unlocks all occult items for normal sims and every occult type, I recommend getting it.