Immersive Farts

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2021 at 10:52 AM
Updated: 8th Oct 2021 at 2:50 PM - Release 1.1
Immersive Farts is a standalone mod that introduces a whole new level of immersion with farts. Have you ever thought that the world needs more farts? Of course you did, everybody thinks that, and that's why you need the Immersive Farts mod! Don't fool yourself, this is nature, it happens all the time, and with this mod, Sims can experience the glory of spontaneously releasing some butt gas into the room with lots of other Sims around. This level of immersion is incredible, you must try it!

All Sims participate in the glory of farting, with the exception of Proper Sims. A low Bladder level is responsible for making certain Sims more likely to release gases often. And advanced balancing mechanics assure that Sims don't fart often enough to negatively affect the Eco Footprint (they can't, btw).

  • Spontaneous Farts that can happen at any moment (eating, working out, talking, WooHooing, etc.).
    • Fully dynamic farts without interrupting Sims interactions, just like in real life!
  • Reaction of Smelling Spontaneous Farts by every Sim around, unless outdoors.
    • Watch as the gas slowly reaches the noses of unsuspecting Sims and causes them an immense uncomfortable feeling.
  • Short Uncomfortable Moodlet after smelling Spontaneous Farts.
    • The sweet suffering of smelling stinky gas before it fades away after a second or two.

Patch Notes
  • 1.1 (October 8th)
    • Excluded Servo Sims, Neat Sims, and Good Manners Sims from farting
    • Immersive Farts is now Open Source!
  • 1.0 (April 1st)
    • First Release

Immersive Farts is available in 12 languages: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.
Thank you to all of the beautiful translators that contributed to this mod!

Want to learn how the mod works? Check out its Open Source!

The Immersive Farts Mod is a PACKAGE file and a TS4SCRIPT file. You are required to place both of the files directly in the Mods folder or one folder deep, otherwise it will not function!
You are allowed to delete the "TURBODRIVER_ImmersiveFarting.package" file if you want to remove the reaction to farts and the smelling farts moodlet.