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Archaeology Kit 2

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Uploaded: 12th Jun 2021 at 12:38 AM
Updated: 1st Sep 2022 at 2:41 AM
Ever wonder what's under the ground in Windenburg or Sulani? Now you can find out. The Archaeology Kit mod expands the Sims 4 archaeology features from Jungle Adventure to work in every region (even Sixam).

Your sim archaeologist can now find over 50 region-appropriate artifacts drawn from Sims lore in every world. Find medieval artifacts in the ruins in Windenburg, pirate treasure on the sandbars of Sulani, and ancient relics in the Magnolia Delta regions!

Archaeology Kit 2 is a massive update to the original Archaeology kit with many new features, new game play and more Sim lore!

  • Archaeologists of skill level 4 or higher can now Survey for Dig Sites in any world, just like in Selvadorada
  • Dozens of new artifacts to match the worlds they are found in with backstories from Sims lore
  • New magical relics with awesome powers to find
  • Archaeology Site lot trait to randomly spawn dig sites
Almost 50 artifacts with backstories drawn from the lore in all Sims versions and historical eras
  • Menoset IX Period War Hammer
  • Komorebian Trade Vase
  • Yacothian Sword Rack
  • Hou Dynasty Pig Statuette
  • Brindleton Pirate Cutlass
  • Loot from Oasis Eleven Robbery
  • Buried Treasure Chests with more treasure inside
  • And many more
Artifacts are from ten different historical eras, each with their own unique legends and relics specific to the era. Regions contain artifacts from one or two different historical eras.
  • Prehistoric
  • Ancient
  • Shang Simla
  • Medieval
  • Komorebi
  • Sulani
  • Pirate
  • Modern
  • Sixam
  • Magic
Thirteen unique and powerful magical artifacts with legendary back stories of their own that can only be found on specific lots. Clues to find them are included in the game!
  • Wand of Lightning
  • Gloves of Thievery
  • Six Demon Bag
  • Hand of Simca
  • Yacothian Armor, +2
  • And more
Historical books that provide clues about where different types of artifacts can be found
  • The Ecclesiastical History of the Simlish People (Multiple Volumes), by Venerable Smede,
  • The Book of Hou, by Man De Zhao
  • Omiscan Book Of the Dead, by Felix Psyded
  • And more
More New Features
  • New Sim Lore skill that provides the abilities to understand and use magic relics, read the Moon cipher and more
  • New Museum Docent venue staff in Museums give tours, answer questions, purchase artifacts, and provide missions
  • New Museum Contractor mission career provides 26 targeted missions (17 of which are repeatable) to find and authenticate different sorts of artifacts and retrieve legendary relics. Bonuses paid upon completion!
  • Three new magic spells uniquely useful to Archaeology: Identify, Divination and Dig.
  • Extensive in-game notebook integration to help you keep track of all of this stuff!
  • Archaeology Dig social event available
  • No overrides were used in the creation of this mod, Jungle Adventure features remain untouched!

How to use
This mod uses the same Archaeology Skill and same activities as Jungle Adventure. It enables your sims to Survey for Dig Sites (and then dig them up) in any region in the game. All current regions are set up to provide artifacts from specific historical periods in Sims historical lore.

If your sim has an archaeology skill of level 4 or higher, they can Survey for Dig Sites anywhere outside on the terrain. They can establish an excavation site once they find a dig pile, just like in Selvadorada.

If your sim has less than skill 4 in archaeology, you can add an Archaeology Site lot trait to a lot to have it spawn random dig piles on the lot's terrain at periodic intervals.

Known Issues (Current Bugs/Differences from Jungle Adventure)
  • When you extract or authenticate an artifact, it ends up in your inventory instead of remaining on the archaeology table. This is by design, since it allows you to queue multiple items for extraction or authentication.
  • The Extract and Authenticate pickers on the Archeological work benches only handle Selvadoradan artifacts. I didn’t want to override those, and I didn’t like the idea of duplicates for this mod’s artifacts, so I skipped that functionality.
  • Unauthenticated artifacts are tinted darker brown, instead of having a stuccoed appearance. The name of the item will also begin with 'Unauthenticated...'.

NOTE: This mod conflicts with LittleMsSam's Small Archaeology Overhaul mod.

The missions provided by the Museum Docents reference most of the regions that have maps. If you take a mission that requires you to travel to a region that you don’t have, you can cancel the mission. There aren’t any missions involving Moonwood Mill or Copperdale, but there are some that involve Tartosa and the rest of the regions.

Debug Cheats
Stuck in a mission? Bored? You can set the region, artifact era and rarity of any dirt clump or artifact by shift-clicking the item to show the debug menu. This will let you quickly give yourself artifacts with the correct source attributes to fulfill any mission (eg, Pirate era artifacts from Sulani, etc).

You can also ‘cheat authenticate’ an artifact by selecting Authenticate Immediately from the debug menu. This makes it a lot easier to populate museums full of Archaeology Kit artifacts, should you wish to do so (they make great places to analyze artifacts and increase Sim Lore).

If you run into a rare bug that might cause the archaeology table to become non-functional (you’ll know it if it happens), you can quickly replace the table for free by shift-clicking on the table and select Replace Table from the debug menu.

Required Installation
In order for the included magic spells to work, you'll need the Spellbook Injector V2, available on this website.

Change Log
1.0.0, Initial Release

1.0.1, Inevitable post-release patch. Grammar and spelling corrections, reduced value of a few artifacts since archaeology isn't usually a money machine, increased chances of finding relics.

1.0.2, Fixed tuning conflict between two artifact eras that resulted in empty dirt clumps. Fixed issue where pirate cutlasses weren't draggable, so they couldn't be dragged to the archaeology table. Made relics more likely to be found on the top of Mt Komorebi (since you need to go to the trouble of making the trip to find them...), also made finding rare books in Britechester more likely.

1.0.3, Fixed exception when extracting artifact from Age of Pirates, Pirate Cask not being draggable, missing tuning on Brindleton Pirate Cannon. Also modified magical relics to draw on occult energy (or increase charge) instead of draining energy motive when used by vampires or spellcasters. Also decreased relic energy drain by about 20%.

1.0.4, Uncover Artifact and Authenticate Artifact interactions are now available from items in inventory. Sims will route to a nearby Archaeology Table, slot the item on the table and get to work. In both cases, the finished product is returned to inventory, allowing queuing of multiple Uncover and Authenticate operations.

Removed Pirate Cannon and Komorebi Shrine from artifact finds for now, since they don't easily slot onto Archaeology Table -- they're too big! The objects have been left in the distribution in case one of your sims already have one. Related note: You need to be an a medium or tall height room in order to authenticate the Yacothian Armor or the Neadersim Skeleton, due to their height. Outside also works. Game play improvements and bug fixes for several magical relics, artifact discovery distributions further tuned, spelling improvements.

1.0.5, Fixes for Patch 177.131

2.0b, First beta Patreon preview release

2.0.1b, Added Send Away for Authentication interaction, more Moonwood Mill integration, added the ability to sell artifacts to Museum Docents.

2.0.2b, New Sulani cultural artifacts, relic bug fixes and improvements, improvements to museum docent situation, improvements to Study for Historical Insights interaction, Brindleton Bay mission objective label corrected

2.0.3b, Fixed Ancient era mission objective for Forgotten Hollow, further work on archaeology dig social event and museum docent interactions, increased chance of finding relics on specific lots from 1:25 to 1:15, some missions moved from level 2 to 3 in the museum archaeologist mission career, additional bug fixes

2.0.4b, Converted Yacothian Armor and Komorebi Scroll to relics, finished drafts of three tutorial sections, bug fixes to relic interactions, as well as additional ones

2.0.5b, Minor fix for patch 1.90.358, added DeathEater trait for vampires who read the Ordinary Necromancy relic

2.0.6b/RC1, Added support for Copperdale in region artifact mapping and local history interactions, bug fixes

2.0.7/V2 Public Release, Fixed bug involving archaeological finds in Glimmerdale, speling corrections, other text changes.

2.0.8, Fixed bug involving autonomous excavations outside of social event, improvements to museum docent venue situation.