Pizza Delivery Default Replacement

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Uploaded 16th May 2021 at 1:45 PM · Updated 22nd Jun 2021 at 10:12 AM by vegan_kaktus

The pizza delivery NPC has bothered me for ages with its screamingly red color and different logos everywhere, so here is a bunch of defaults to fix that!

NPC Clothing
I shoeswapped afbodypizzadelivery and ambodypizzadelivery with shoes from umbottomwillpants (”converted” to female by me). The shoe meshes are similiar, but not the same! I fixed the shoes’ texture as well to make them match better. In addition to this, I removed shadows, changed colors and fixed a black spot on the AF mesh.

I tried to fix the mapping on the female mesh (on the back) but I couldn’t fix it completely unfortunately - I’m talking about how the logo on the female mesh is a bit “squished” compared to the male mesh. I removed the logo on the front and replaced the one on the back with my new one. The simlish reads: “at your door!”
  • I also included my fixed shoe texture (.png) and two .ms3d files (AF/AM) for anyone who would like to use these shoes on other outfits! It's the "". This is not needed for my defaults to work, it's simply put resources for someone who might want to use these shoes when shoeswapping outfits in MilkShape :-)

I separated the sign on the car, re-mapped it, gave it its own (+new!) texture and also fixed the edges. This default is compatible with any texture default you might have for the pizza vehicle (vehiclepizza-surface_txtr), but it won’t affect the sign. It’s not compatible with dharden’s clean pizza car replacement though, since they also edited the shpe. I personally like the dirty car, but I included a version with the gold/clean texture from Michelle since not everyone might be a fan of the dirty look.
  • If you use my version, remove dharden’s!

I’ve edited both pizza textures a bit. I made the pepperoni one less red and increased saturation on the combo pizza. (It’s not that big of a difference - I'm aware, but they irked me!)

Before you say “two pizzas?!” - I know I know!! :-D when I extracted the pizza texture I came across a second unused pizza texture. I made a thread about this which simler90 saw and kindly fixed EA’s mistake, so make sure to get their fix here! :-D 

Pizza Box
I also defaulted the pizza box. I’ve never seen a white pizza box in my entire life, we only have brown ones here in Sweden - so brown it is! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • to clarify: the pizza box and pizza defaults are in the same file - if you choose to download my defaults separately (vegankaktus_DEFAULTpizzasbox.package)
  • I also repositoried labine730's buyable pizza box to “foodpizzabox-insideoutside” (it will pick up my default now, or any other default you have for the pizza box. And if none: EA’s original texture) for an anon, and made carvernosims' extracted basegame items compatible with it. It's the file "". I also made labine730's pizza box available on community lots + edited the catalogue so now it's found in both kitchen - appliances and kitchen - general since I read about people having problems finding it.
Recommended Mods
These are pizza-related mods/fixes I recommend downloading. They aren’t required for any of my defaults to work, with the exception of simler90′s fix :-)
If you have any defaults in your downloads folder defaulting the same thing as any of my files, you have to remove those before installing mine :-) you can choose between merged or separate files, and all files have been compressed to reduce file size. Let me know if you encounter any issues!

Credits: EA, Michelle for the gold texture dharden used in their default, simler90 for fixing EA’s mistake, labine730 for their functional pizza box I edited and carvernosims for their extracted bg items which I also edited :-)