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PlantSim Bloodlines

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2022 at 7:02 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2023 at 4:26 AM
June 10, 2023: Remade/Updated version of this Bloodline has been added. It does not contain the same strings as the older version, and may not be compatible with Bloodline Control Cheat Interactions until that is updated as well.

Another request that I'm super late on, because apparently schedules and I don't get along! But oh, well. It does make sense, that if I'm gonna be making bloodlines for occults, might as well go on to make bloodlines for all of them, individually so that you can just use the ones you actually want. Didn't mean to exclude any specific occults so sorry if it had come off that way. So here, PlantSim bloodlines, out of the three or so occults I had yet to make bloodlines for.

Note that your Sim will have to born during those 5 days in which a Sim is a PlantSim while having the PlantSim buff, unless you have any mods that make the PlantSim trait permanent. And on that note, this targets the PlantSim hidden trait in-game, so modded PlantSims that don't have the in-game hidden traits will not be detected as PlantSims for the inheritance of these traits.

Update log:

This mod requires MAL22′s Trait Tracker Injector, and will not work without it.

If MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector isn't working for you, here's the list of cheats to add the traits manually until the trait tracker works for you properly. It's working perfectly fine for me, but I don't like people encountering issues that keep them from enjoying the bloodlines so here they are.

Weak PlantSim Bloodline:
  • Gardening skill gained 10% faster
  • Water need increases 10% faster
  • Water need decays 10% slower
  • Hunger need decays 10% slower

Strong PlantSim Bloodline:
  • Gardening skill gained 20% faster
  • Water need increases 20% faster
  • Water need decays 20% slower
  • Hunger need decays 20% slower

Ancient PlantSim Bloodline:
  • Gardening skill gained 30% faster
  • Water need increases 30% faster
  • Water need decays 30% slower
  • Hunger need decays 50% slower

Any future plans?
The project I keep talking about is fantasy races, starting with elves, but I had to trash my attempt at it on account of mod constructor straight-up noping out of it when I actually tried to export, lol. To be fair, I did kinda make an overly complex abomination, so I understand, even if it slightly annoyed me. I'll be starting from scratch so it will likely take longer, sorry about that. And I might have joked I'd make Skeleton Bloodlines if I couldn't get elves to work before today... And now is today, and they still don't work... So uh, yeah, incoming Skeleton Bloodlines! apparently

Requested by _Diana1998_
This wouldn’t have been possible for me to do without Zerbu’s Mod Constructor and The Sims 4 Studio. They are exceptional programs and I thank their creators for making them. And of course, thanks to the MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector for making the functionality of bloodline traits easier to implement.