Vampiric Bloodlines

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Uploaded: 5th Dec 2021 at 9:02 PM
Updated: 30th Mar 2024 at 10:57 PM
Vlad (or whichever Vampire has his role) should now count as Ancient Vampiric Bloodlines for purposes of this.

June 10, 2023: Remade/Updated version of this Bloodline has been added. It does not contain the same strings as the older version, and may not be compatible with Bloodline Control Cheat Interactions until that is updated as well

Bloodlines are once again transferable to Vampires you turn on top of regular inheritance.

Will not be deleting the original (at least for now), but upped to 2.1 with some changes, which you can see lower in the post.

Changes from the original: Remade most components, gave the traits longer TuningIDs, etc. Mostly stuff that doesn't actually change anything outside of making the code easier for me to maintain lol. The effects to visible Vampire Power at all levels are no longer limited to when sunlight exposure is in place. The buggy interaction for recognizing your offspring into your bloodline has been removed, Bloodline Control Interactions will take care of that part, as I unfortunately couldn't figure out a way to make it automatic.

Update log:

In spite of it showing up as a search suggestion, I couldn’t actually find a pre-existing mod for Vampire Bloodlines in the style of Spellcaster bloodlines. I realize they’re two different occults, but come on. Legacies are a huge part of the game (an assessment I think I can back with the sheer amount of legacy challenge results when I did try to search for “vampire bloodlines”), but Vampires don’t get the same heritage buffs as Spellcasters. Maybe it’s because they’re older than Spellcasters, maybe because being immortal makes lineages matter less, but oh well, it’s still a problem to me and I’m still going to fix it.

This mod requires MAL22’s Trait Tracker Injector, and will not work without it. XML Injector is recommended as well.

The OffspringIncluded version allows for Vampires to pass on their bloodline, so long as they have Offspring. You can go into the Vampire actions piemenu and offer to recognize your offspring into your bloodline, effectively giving them the same bloodline trait your biological children would have had!

So let’s talk about how Vampire Bloodlines work now. I made modified inheritance rules for it based on the Spellcaster Bloodlines that come with the game, except the Occult in this case is Vampire, and the traits are custom. Still, it follows the first-gen Vampire -> Weak -> Strong -> Ancient path the Spellcaster one does.

That said, it’s different in terms of its perks. Of course, Vampires aren’t Spellcasters, they don’t have the risk of death by overcharging, etc… So here’s the breakdown of the perks.

Weak Vampire Bloodline:
  • Vampire XP should be gained 10% faster
  • Vampire energy should increase 10% faster
  • Thirst should decrease 10% slower
  • Vampire energy decreases 10% slower

Strong Vampire Bloodline:
  • Vampire XP should be gained 20% faster
  • Vampire energy should increase 20% faster
  • Thirst should decrease 20% slower
  • Vampire energy decreases 20% slower

Ancient Vampire Bloodline:
  • Vampire XP should be gained 30% faster
  • Vampire energy should increase 30% faster
  • Thirst should decrease 30% slower
  • Vampire energy decreases 50% slower

I made it as similar to the other bloodline traits as possible (within reason).

Languages on the old version (will not work on new one):

Known issues:

On earlier testing, there was an issue with Spellcaster hybrids overriding this, but recently, it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. Let me know if anyone has that problem again.


Any future plans?

Yes! I want to make bloodlines for other occults… as soon as I figure out what the fair equivalent benefits for aliens and mermaids would be, that is, since it’s not as straight-forward as vampires.


This wouldn’t have been possible for me to do without Zerbu’s Mod Constructor, LOT51's TDESC BROWSER, The Sims 4 Studio. They are exceptional programs and I thank their creators for making them. And of course, thanks to the MAL22's Trait Tracker Injector for making the functionality of bloodline traits easier to implement.