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VIKA/GREVSTA Dining Set add-ons

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2024 at 8:43 PM
Long time no see!

I made this add-on set to complement the VIKA/GREVSTA table from the IKEA SP. This EP is obviously required, all meshes are repo'd to the original two-tile table, no textures included.

morepopcorn's Bar Stools at Bar Tables mod is required for the bar table to work properly, you can download it HERE

All GUIDs are from my own block.

List of Objects:
Object namecatalog sortpricepolygonsGUID
VIKA/GREVSTA Round Tablesurfaces/dining§100784 polys/910 vertices0x007C9D5F
VIKA/GREVSTA Square Tablesurfaces/dining§100740 polys/1392 vertices0x007C9D5D
VIKA/GREVSTA Bar Tablesurfaces/dining§130784 polys/910 vertices0x007C9D62
FROSTA Dining Stoolcomfort/dining§45626 polys/732 vertices0x007C9D61
FROSTA Barstoolcomfort/dining§1001056 polys/1482 vertices0x007C9D64
SVALSTA Coffee Tablesurfaces/coffee table§80626 polys/721 vertices0x007C9D65
SVALSTA Smaller Coffee Tablesurfaces/coffee table§60470 polys/547 vertices0x007C9D66

morepopcorn for the Bar Stools at Bar Tables mod
Wings3D, UV Mapper, Milkshape, SimPE, Gimp