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Functional Counter-Height Dining Tables

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2020 at 10:05 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2021 at 10:56 PM - forgot link to the CEP-extra
I had been looking for high-top tables for a while without success, so I decided to try making some myself. I know of at least three different lowered dining sets for TS2, so I found it surprising that raised tables had apparently not been done - unless they had but disappeared in internet limbo? To be fair, after starting this project I did find this counter-height table by mustluvcatz, which was not the style I wanted but greatly helped me in the process.

So here is what I came up with:
- 2 counter-height tables matching the Brasserie and Vintage Retro tables from Nightlife
- 3 barstools working as dining chairs, cloned from mustluvcatz' high chairs from her Kim's Table set, and using Maxis meshes from Nightlife and the base game. The animations are not perfect but overall it works fine.
Since the tables and barstools are repositoried to the corresponding Maxis objects, Nightlife is required (except for the quaint barstool from the basegame). Any recolors you already have for these will work
[Edit: 05/01/2021] I forgot to mention that I have HugeLunatic's CEP-extra for the diner table and hipster barstool installed, so it may be required for the textures to display properly. I haven't gotten any complaints so far but in case anyone gets flashing blue objects, you can get it here

Alternatively, to turn any barstool - Maxis or custom - into a functioning dining chair, you can use the very nifty barstool OMSP by Honeywell, part of her island counter desk set . The downside of this is that the placement is a bit fiddly (details in the spoiler):

Polygon Counts:
Object namecatalog sortpricepolygonsGUID
Vintage Retro Classic Dining Table - Counter Heightsurfaces/dining§235374 polys/430 vertices0x007C9D31
"La Table" Square Dining Table - counter heightsurfaces/dining§710634 polys/990 vertices0x007C9D01
Hipster Barstool - dining chaircomfort/dining§340710 polys/564 vertices0x007C9D14
Ad-a-Quaint Barstool - dining chaircomfort/dining§2851450 polys/1107 vertices0x007C9D37
The Somptuous Brasserie Barstool - dining chaircomfort/dining§680708 polys/808 vertices0x007C9D36

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Wings3D, UVMapper, the Compresorizer
Hugelunatic for the CEP-extra
Many thanks to Honeywell for the barstool OMSP, and mustluvcatz for the barstool-height chairs, they had already done half of the work!

CC featured in previews:
Lamps by PineappleForest and BeosBoxBoy
Trash can: public restroom set by Raynuss
Gym locker recolor by Michelle
Diner table recolors by me (not available for download)